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BitBay cryptocurrency exchange with a new investor from the USA

The BitBay cryptocurrency exchange has attracted an investor from the USA Today, i.e. May 11, 2021, the most famous Polish cryptocurrency exchange, i.e. BitBay, announced the acquisition of a foreign investor from the USA. For many years, this platform for exchanging digital currencies has grown rapidly. It has become the largest cryptocurrency exchange in Central…
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BitBay is growing in strength!

The BitBay exchange is expanding the amount of available cryptocurrencies The largest european digital currency exchange, BitBay, currently offers 27 cryptocurrencies, the capitalization of which, according to Coinmarketcap, is in the top 100 of all cryptocurrencies available on the market.Here is the listing:1. Bitcoin2. Ethereum3. Lisk4. Litecoin5. Tether6. Game7. Dash8. Bitcoin Cash9. Bitcoin Gold10. Infinity…
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The Poloniex and Bittrex sales platforms add new cryptocurrencies

Despite the recent worse months, the cryptocurrency exchange market seems to continue to grow, and electronic currency trading and exchange platforms are expanding their offer. We recently reported that the BitBay exchange has introduced new cryptocurrencies. In recent days, the possibility of buying cryptocurrencies such as Basic Attention Token (BAT) and Loom (LOOM) was introduced…
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The best cryptocurrency exchanges 2020 and 2021 – ranking

Ranking – the best cryptocurrency exchanges 2020 and 2021 Are you wondering what are the best cryptocurrency exchanges? In 2019, for the first time, there was a very interesting list of the best cryptocurrency exchanges (you can see the first 50 places in the pictures). Due to the comprehensiveness and reliability, this ranking of cryptocurrency…
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Cooperation with bitFlyer

Beginning of cooperation with bitFlyer – European bitcoin exchange and cryptocurrency exchange We are pleased to announce that in February this year we started cooperation with the bitFlyer cryptocurrency exchange. bitFlyer is currently one of the most dynamically developing platforms for trading and exchanging digital currencies. It was established in Japan in 2014. Since 2017,…
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Bitcoin exchange or cryptocurrency exchange – where to buy Bitcoin?

Buying bitcoin these days is very simple. Anyone interested can do it at any time, allocating selected funds for it. In the case of cryptocurrencies (in particular bitcoin), we have two basic shopping options: exchange office and cryptocurrency exchange. So it is worth considering which of them will be more beneficial for beginners, and which…
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Bitcoin exchange without commission!

Can the bitcoin exchange be without commission? It turns out that yes. At least such a plan has the founder of the well-known company Uber Oscar Salazar. Voyager, because this is the name of this cryptocurrency exchange, it is to be a platform for commission-free cryptocurrency exchange. There will be 15 electronic currencies in circulation.…
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Coinbase cryptocurrency exchange will be taken over by Facebook?

Coinbase cryptocurrency exchange acquired by Facebook? For several weeks, various media information and speculation about the possibility of taking over one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges – Coinbase by Facebook’s social monopolist have appeared. While recently Facebook has not been favorably disposed to electronic currencies, in recent days something has probably shaken. Facebook initially talked…
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European or global bitcoin exchange?

Do you want to invest your savings but you are not convinced whether to choose a european or global cryptocurrency exchange? Do you doubt which cryptocurrency exchange is the best? The following article aims to introduce you to the best European and global cryptocurrency exchanges and help you make a choice on where to place…
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