Buying Bitcoin Satoshi Vision (BSV)

Do you want to learn how and where to buy Bitcoin Satoshi Vision (BSV)?

What is worth knowing about Bitcoin SV?

Bitcoin Satoshi Vision is based on blockchain technology, the tokens are BSV or BCHSV. The network was separated from Bitcoin Cash as a result of a hard fork that took place in November 2018. The reason for the hard fork was the issue of users’ disagreement about the further development of the Bitcoin Cash cryptocurrency. Bitcoin SV quickly gained a lot of investor interest and value, and was introduced to trading on various cryptocurrency exchanges. One of them is the european cryptocurrency exchange Zonda.

Bitcoin SV – additional information

The maximum amount of Bitcoin SV, as in the case of its prototypes, i.e. Bitcoin Cash and the first cryptocurrency, i.e. Bitcoin, is 21 million coins. So far, more than 17.7 million have been excavated, or about 84 percent. Bitcoin SV has a network based on the Proof of Work consensus algorithm, miners are responsible for confirming transactions, creating new transaction blocks and extracting new cryptocurrency units. You want to find out what is Bitcoin? Read this article. If you are interested in buying Bitcoin Satoshi Vision (BSV), you can do it through the european cryptocurrency exchange BitBay. Click the button below and create a free account now: