How and where to buy Avalanche (AVAX)

Avalanche is one of the leading cryptocurrency projects, currently among the top 20 highest valued crypto projects, according to What is worth knowing about this project? Interested in buying Avalanche (AVAX), but not sure where to do it best? You can find out everything in this article.

What is Avalanche AVAX?

Avalanche is another project-competitor for Ethereum – which is the first and to date most popular platform for creating and operating smart contracts. Launched relatively recently – in 2020 – the project stormed into the top 100 on’s list, and then made a permanent place in the top 20 of that list. Avalanche has thus become one of the most popular crypto assets. The Avalanche platform was developed by three researchers from Cornell University – Professor Kevin Sekniqi and two of his PhD students, Maofan “Ted” Yin and Emin Gün Sirer. Many investors have already decided to buy Avalanche during the ICO (public offering) phase, during which a total of $48 million was raised for the development of the project. If you are already interested in buying Avalanche AVAX for euros, punds GBP or USD, you can easily do so by registering a free account on the cryptocurrency exchange Zonda or Binance by clicking on the button.

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Why is Avalanche better than other blockchains?

The developers set themselves three goals – their blockchain was to be fast, cheap and environmentally friendly. This is the exact opposite of the now rather outdated Bitcoin, which handles seven transactions per second (tps), consumes as much energy as Argentina annually, and a single transaction can cost up to US$150 in places. The result of these goals is the Avalanche blockchain, which processes 6,500 transactions per second (with a maturity of less than a second), and a single transaction is a cost of 1 cent. In addition, the Avalanche network is based on the Proof-of-Stake protocol, so its energy intensity is a fraction of a percentage of the electricity consumed by Bitcoin.

How does Avalanche work?

The network is based – unlike most – on not one, but three blockchains! These are the X-Chain, the C-Chain and the P-Chain. The first is used to manage the resources of the network. The purpose of the second is to create smart contracts. The third, on the other hand, is used to coordinate the work of validators who check the integrity of transactions across the network.

On this basis, Avalanche offers network users the possibility to run an unlimited number of fully customisable and interoperable blockchains, based on the ‘mother network’ that is Avalanche. This is a very big advantage for new crypto projects, which can easily ‘put up’ a blockchain, customised to their needs, while not having to build it from scratch. This is an undoubted advantage that could be a factor in increasing the number of developers who want to build innovations based on Avalanche.

Besides, Avalanche allows you to do everything that the other smart contract platforms offer – building decentralised applications, creating tokens, minting NFTs and so on. If you’re interested in buying Avalanche AVAX for euros, GBP and USD then you can easily do so via a free account on Zonda Global by clicking the button below.

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Avalanche Token (AVAX). What is it used for?

AVAX is the native token of the Avalanche network. As with other blockchains, the native token is the internal currency of the ecosystem. It is used to pay for transactions, the creation of smart contracts and other charges on the network. AVAX also serves, primarily, as a protocol stake. By holding a given number of AVAX tokens, we can become a validator. We then lock up our tokens to participate in securing the network and validating transactions. This allows us to make a passive profit from the tokens pledged to the network, rather than simply storing them in a wallet.

Buying Avalanche (AVAX) is an investment in the whole project

Let’s not forget that AVAX is not only the network’s internal currency, but also a token, subject to market valuation. This means that its value, in its own way, reflects the value of the whole project. Avalanche’s capitalisation now stands at almost $4 billion, and one token is worth more than $13. Not so long ago, it was even listed at $144! This creates quite a bit of room for growth for AVAX – but everyone must judge for themselves whether buying AVAX will be profitable.

What and where to buy Avalanche AVAX?

Given that it is one of the most popular coins on the market, buying AVAX is possible on all major exchanges. It is available on Binance, KuCoin, Coinbase, Huobi, Kraken or Zonda, among others. Buying Avalanche AVAX for PLN is possible precisely on the last mentioned platform, Zonda Global. You can register your free account now by clicking on the button below.

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Where else can you buy Avalanche AVAX?

Below is a list of exchanges with their corresponding currency pairs for Avalanche (AVAX):

  1. Binance
  2. BingX
  3. Bitbank
  4. BitDelta
  5. Bitfinex
  6. Bitforex
  7. Bitget
  8. Bithumb
  9. BitMart
  10. BitTrex
  11. Bitunix
  12. Bitvavo
  13. Bybit
  14. BtcTurk | Krypto
  15. BYDFi
  16. C-Patex
  17. CITEX
  18. Coinbase Exchange
  19. CoinTR Pro
  20. CoinW
  21. Coinsbit
  22. Exchange
  23. Deepcoin
  24. DigiFinex
  25. FameEX
  27. HitBTC
  28. Hotcoin Global
  29. Icrypex
  30. Kraken
  31. KuCoin
  32. LBank
  33. MEXC
  34. OKX
  35. OrangeX
  36. P2B
  37. Phemex
  38. Pionex
  39. PointPay
  40. WhiteBIT
  41. XT.COM