Buying Bitcoin Cash BCC

Buying Bitcoin Cash - what You should know?

Do you think Bitcoin is technologically inferior and that’s why you are interested in buying Bitcoin Cash?

At the beginning, we will explain where Bitcoin Cash actually came from. The Bitcoin Cash (BCH) cryptocurrency was established in 2017 and immediately aroused great interest from investors. Its main assumption was to improve the technology of the blockchain network on which Bitcoin itself was based. For this purpose, the blocks were enlarged, thanks to which the network became more capacious, faster and cheaper. The purchase of Bitcoin Cash is possible thanks to the european cryptocurrency exchange – Zonda. You can register a free account by clicking the button below:

The beginnings of Bitcoin Cash

Initially, you could buy Bitcoin Cash for $ 200-300. Currently, the price is around $ 1,000. Bitcoin Cash is currently among the 5 largest and most popular cryptocurrencies. Its capitalization exceeds $ 17 billion. Bitcoin (BTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) chains until August 1, 2017 were the same, everyone who owned Bitcoin before August 1, 2017 after the split received exactly the same amount of BTC and BCH.

Many cryptocurrency analysts and investors are increasingly seeing the obsolescence of the first digital currency – Bitcoin. Therefore, both of these digital currencies created after the splits in the Bitcoin code, i.e. Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin Gold, are becoming more and more popular and many are betting on them as a natural successor to Bitcoin on the world’s cryptocurrency exchanges. Therefore, it is definitely worth considering buying Bitcoin Cash or Bitcoin Gold as there are many indications that its price will continue to increase.

Registration – cryptocurrency exchange – Zonda

Buying Bitcoin Cash is available on many international cryptocurrency exchanges (also popularly known as Bitcoin exchanges). Unfortunately, a large part of it only allows you to exchange, for example, Bitcoin or Ethereum for Bitcoin Cash. Below is a list of the cryptocurrency exchanges that recently recorded the highest trading volume of Bitcoin Cash:

OKEx, EXXEXX, HitBTC (Bitcoin exchange), Bitfinex, Huobi, Bit-Z, Binance platform (the largest cryptocurrency exchange), GDAX (currently Coinbase, a popular digital currency exchange in the US), RightBTC, Bibox, Bithumb, Allcoin, YoBit. It can be said that they operate on a similar principle to online stores with various products, e.g. an online health and safety store or other similar ones that allow for the purchase or sale of individual cryptocurrencies.

So what’s better – a large Bitcoin exchange or an international cryptocurrency exchange?
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