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Are You looking for safe and big world bitcoin exchange or maybe smaller european cryptocurrency exchange? Binance and Zonda - learn more and choose your!


Find out where and how to buy Bitcoin step by step – easily and conveniently. The Zonda – cryptocurrency exchange enables buying Bitcoin for pounds, euro or dollars. The Bitcoin exchange – Binance will allow you to exchange your first cryptocurrency for several hundred other digital currencies and tokens. Check!


You don’t know where to buy cryptocurriencies for pounds, euro or dollars? Are you interested in digital currency exchange? Buying cryptocurrencies can be easy and fast. You will learn everything that is most important from this page. We will lead you by the hand, step by step. Read!


The Zonda cryptocurrency exchange already has about a million users. Not only from Europe but all over the world. Register today and join millions of holders of encrypted digital currencies. Binance cryptocurrency exchange is an even larger group of users and possibilities.


Discover the affiliate programs offered by the Zonda cryptocurrency exchange and one of the largest bitcoin exchanges – Binance. Both are attractive and allow you to earn passively from other peoples trading. More information can be found below or on the subpages of individual platforms.

Are you looking for a stable bitcoin exchange?

Binance and Zonda cryptocurrency exchange use many, high quality technological protetcions.
Both of them have a very large group of satisfied users.
Learn more and join them!

Zonda (previusly BitBay) – cryptocurrency exchange

Learn more about Zonda – one of the largest European cryptocurrency exchange – and trade! The Bitcoin Zonda exchange enables the purchase of digital currencies for FIAT classic currencies, i.e. euros, pounds and dollars. This is a big difference in the context of the Binance cryptocurrency exchange, where the exchange of encrypted electronic currencies takes place only for other cryptocurrencies. Thanks to quick registration and verification process as well as smooth transfers Zonda enables quick investing in digital assets.

bitbay exchange bitbay cryptocurrency exchange

Binance’s largest global bitcoin (btc) exchange

Create a free account and exchange cryptocurrencies among several hundred different projects. Binance bitcoin exchange offers the greatest investment opportunities, is easy to use and efficient. Extensive analytical capabilities and affiliate programs encourage you to use it. Despite its relatively young age, the Binance cryptocurrency exchange is currently one of the most popular and the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world. It even introduced own cryptocurrency – Binance Coin, which can be used to trade with smaller commissions. Check!

Binance charts bitcoin chart
Binance exchange

What will you find on our website?

We strive to provide as much reliable information as possible from the world of cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology and cryptocurrency exchanges. We conduct and create technical analyses, rankings and present various curiosities and news.


Are you looking for information on what is cryptocurrency or what is Bitcoin? We guide our users step by step by familiarizing them with individual cryptocurrency projects and the risks associated with different types of investment. We encourage you to read our articles on this topic! Welcome to our blog section. We provide both – basic information for beginners and more detailed for more advanced users. You will also find reviews, prices, commissions and how to get started and how the cryptocurrency exchange works. We will help you make your first steps in this world! In Poland, we are one of the most recognizable and reliable portals on the subject of encrypted electronic currencies, tokens and the best platfrom for trading and exchange.


We encourage you to visit our cryptocurrency news section and to monitor our site on a regular basis. We publish various information, broadcasts and broader articles on various topics, e.g. rankings of the largest bitcoin exchanges, rankings of the best cryptocurrencies and cryptocurrency exchanges. Many of our materials relate to the platforms we work with, i.e. the Binance cryptocurrency exchange and the Bitcoin exchange – Zonda (previously Bitbay). It is noteworthy that we collect for you the most interesting information and events from the world of encrypted digital currencies. Immanent feature of our publications is the high level of content and quality. You can read with us why, if and which Polish crypto exchanges have disappeared or collapsed. In addition, also information on what is playing on the stock market and how to play, opinions, rates and charts. We invite you to read!


We create and discuss technical analyses of cryptocurrencies. We help anticipate upcoming scenarios and share knowledge. We present them based on the charts of the most popular Bitcoin exchange in Europe, i.e. Zonda and other foreign exchanges. We use various tools and solutions as well as technical analyses concepts to give you the most accurate forecasts for bitcoin price increases or decreases. Although we always do our best to ensure that these analyses indicate the direction of the price, they cannot be a 100% certain indicator of behavior, but only an indication of what may happen in the future. We observe the current quotes although, as you all probably know, they are very volatile or even ephemeral in nature. Chart analysis is one of the elements on which playing on crypto exchanges is based. The popular and best exchanges of encrypted electronic currencies use very advanced tools. The best cryptocurrency exchange Zonda does not stand out in any way here.


We facilitate through our reference links the creation of accounts on two cryptocurrency exchanges. First is Binance, which is currently one of the largest bitcoin exchange in the world. The second is, of course, the European cryptocurrency exchange – Zonda (before BitBay).Easily create free accounts and buy cryptocurrencies for GBP, Euro or USD or exchange for other cryptocurrencies. Try it today! Does any Bitcoin exchange offer better terms of cooperation? Check! Of course, these are not all online platforms for trading and exchanging encrypted electronic currencies and tokens but only the most popular ones in Poland. Some of you may have an ambivalent or indifferent attitude to this, however, we felt that by not informing you about this you could have inklings of negative opinions, and the whole portal could be controversial.


Blockchain technology on which cryptocurrencies are based is an extremely rapidly growing field. More and more interesting applications of this solution are emerging among the largest companies. We present the latest curiosities regarding practical applications of this technology. Learn from scratch how blockchain technology was created and how does it work, as well as about cryptocurrencies and tokens created with the so-called side chain to major Blockchain networks, like Ethereum or Lisk. Although it was known before, it was only a few years ago that it began to be used effectively for encrypted electronic currency projects. Opinions about it are sometimes divided. Which one has the most interesting application and is the best? Everyone is, of course, familiar with Bitcoin BTC however, there are already thousands of other solutions of this type in the world. However, all of them work online. The cryptocurrency exchange Zonda has also made some of them available for trading and exchange,


We provide you with information on current progress and development of individual cryptocurrency projects. It is worth following the actions of developers in individual cryptocurrency projects. One of the most interesting in recent months is Binance Coin – a project created and developed by Binance – a Chinese cryptocurrency exchange that has gained the trust of several million users in a few years. Of course, this is not the only interesting project we describe on our portal. In total, we have collected detailed information on about 18 cryptocurrencies. That’s why it’s worth for you to look here more often and follow the latest tidbits from these projects.  Which tokens or cryptocurrencies can be purchased for classic FIAT-type currencies like GBP used in the UK, USD used all over the world, but mainly in the US, or Euro. If such appear and develop then there is a good chance that the Polish cryptocurrency exchange Zonda Global will introduce them to trading. Of course, each user has his own favorite and best selected projects and opinions about them. We do not arbitrarily indicate which are the best. You can also find lists like top 10 with us.


We show the world of encrypted electronic currencies from the side of the most interesting events. We present new implementations and applications as well as development ideas. Increasingly, many of them surprise with modern and innovative solutions and commercial applications in cooperation with various public institutions. Various companies and the most known global brands are beginning to open up to this technology. The autotelic value of our site is to provide online the most interesting new information on a regular basis. If any exchange launches the possibility of payment for FIAT you will learn about it from us quite quickly.


Cryptocurrencies used to be an ideal place for scammers and criminals. That’s why we try to publish information about negative phenomena on cryptocurrency exchanges and among individual projets so that you can avoid losses. Although the issue of security of exchanges and cryptocurrencies looks better and better, unfortunately, many users have bad memories of their first investments in cryptocurrencies. This is often due to so-called SCAMs of cryptocurrencies or exchanges. Therefore, as far as possible, we try to avoid such unpleasant situations. Which cryptocurrency exchange or bitcoin exchange collapsed or disappeared? What were the reasons for this? Which entities are on the KNF’s warning list? At one time the inertia of law enforcement agencies was high on these topics. Back then, an established cryptocurrency exchange could operate without verification or KYC. History teaches and shows that not every bitcoin exchange that was on top and considered the best was able to survive in the market and did not disappear.


Is it possible for money to earn while you sleep? If you join the affiliate program offered by Zonda Global cryptocurrency exchange or bitcoin exchange – Binance and invite a lot of friends, then it will happen! Both of these platforms offer interesting conditions and if the partner is involved in acquiring new and active (importantly) users then over time it can count on increasing passive income. You can find more information by reading individual articles about selected platforms. Adequate attentiveness in the development of such activities has led to the fact that there is not one cryptocurrency crook living in Poland today. They earn money not only by looking at quotes, analyzing online charts but largely through passive income. It is generated as a consequence of performing numerous transactions of users. Our opinions on the various affiliate programs vary. Some are better, others worse. However, the immanent feature that every cryptocurrency exchange has is the ability to make money from user affiliation. Procrastination of activities in this direction will not make much sense.


Do you want to know the ranking of the largest bitcoin exchanges or the ranking of the best cryptocurrency 2019? You can find it all! Among the numerous articles you will find very interesting and diverse rankings and summaries. The most interesting selected materials and articles can be found below or in the news tab. Are you looking for tips on how to play the stock market or which one to choose? Or maybe you are curious which one makes payments available with FIAT or PLN classic currencies? Curious about which foreign online cryptocurrency exchange is the best? American, Estonian, from UK or maybe Turkish or Polish cryptocurrency and bitcoin BTC exchange will be the best? Or maybe you need information which popular cryptocurrency exchange for beginners will be the most suitable? We cordially invite you to read more!


Zonda Global is a European cryptocurrency exchange operating on the market since 2014 so it is also one of the largest and oldest such platforms in our country. Although it is currently run by an Estonian company and owned by an American investor (USA). Of course, it also operates in foreign markets, in different languages and supports many different cryptocurrencies. Therefore, it is definitely worth seeing what capabilities it has. Although it already has more than a million users more are joining its ranks. However, it is not a cryptocurrency exchange without verification or KYC. Although opinions about it sometimes vary, in our opinion it is certainly the best Polish cryptocurrency exchange for beginners. Although, unfortunately, prices and commissions on it are not among the lowest on the Polish market. The autotelic value of this platform is the ability to perform transactions in FIAT allotments such as British pound sterling (GBP), USD and Euro. As this platfrom works fully online it doesn’t matter where in the world you log in. 


Zonda cryptocurrency exchange is interchangeably referred to as the first and largest Bitcoin (BTC) exchange, but also simply as a European cryptocurrency exchange. Of course, both of these terms are correct because it allows you to buy many different cryptocurrencies for traditional FIAT currencies such as USD, GBP, Euro and PLN, but also allows you to exchange them for Bitcoin, therefore the term Polish Bitcoin exchange is most correct! Although you can also say that it is an American or Estonian cryptocurrency exchange with only Polish roots. There is no doubt that in Poland it is the most popular cryptocurrency exchange for beginners. So far, fortunately, it has not yet disappeared or collapsed, which has happened many times before. Both Polish and foreign cryptocurrency and bitcoin BTC exchanges online. It is important to remember that no such platform for trading and exchanging encrypted electronic currencies is either free or without verification. Each has its own prices and commissions although most of them allow you to test a free online demo account.

Bitcoin Exchange – Binance

Join the affiliate program and start earning!

The european Zonda Global cryptocurrency exchange offers interesting conditions and high commissions for trading from your referral link. The maximum commission on this platform is 30% of the value charged by this crypto exchange on transactions made by users. Take the chance and start earning passively. Even when you are sleeping! Invite friends through reference links. Compare the conditions offered by the Bitcoin Zonda (previously BitBay) exchange or one of the largest global exchanges – the Binance cryptocurrency exchange. Check!

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Cryptocurrency news

We are constantly trying to publish the most interesting (in our opinion) cryptocurrency news, curiosities, information on the development of individual projects as well as technical analysis and various statements and rankings. We invite you to read!


What is Arbitrage?

It refers to the process of buying cryptocurrencies on one exchange at a low price and selling them on another exchange at a higher price. This is possible because different[…]

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Visa to launch Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple wallets

Visa is moving forward with its cryptocurrency program with two diverse cryptocurrency-related trademark applications. Visa has partnered with more than 60 cryptocurrency companies, including wallet providers and cryptocurrency exchanges, to[…]

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The most important and interesting cryptocurrency events of recent days

Although the beginning of the new year 2023 is not very exciting for investors it certainly cannot be said that nothing is happening in the world of cryptocurrencies. In the[…]

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Shortcuts – the most interesting articles

Are you taking your first steps in the world of digital currencies and you want to find out where to buy bitcoin? Are you looking for only the most important and key technological information about the world’s first digital currency? We invite you to read the dedicated article on this topic. Buying bitcoin for euro, dollars or pounds can be quick, easy and convenient. Check it out! You will find that in this article as well. Read on!

buying bitcoin (btc)

Buying Bitcoin BTC

Are you taking your first steps in the world of digital currencies and want to find out where to buy bitcoin? We invite you to read the dedicated article on this topic. Buying bitcoin for zloty, euro or pounds can be quick, easy and convenient. Check it out! Are you looking for only the most important and key technological information about the world’s first digital currency? You will find that in this article as well. Read on!

the best cryptocurriencies

The best cryptocurrencies – rankings

Are you looking for projects that have the most interesting development prospects based on technological possibilities and current applications? You will learn everything from the list below. It takes into account several dozen different projects and technological, innovative parameters and the application and use of individual digital currencies for payments. We invite you to familiarize yourself with a simple and understandable list of individual projects.

What is Bitcoin?

Are You searching for informations about first cryptocurrency Bitcoin? Want to know what is Bitcoin? Please read this article. You will find there all key informations about Bitcoin!

buying bitcoin (btc)

Buying Ethereum

You don’t know where to buy Ethereum for Pounds GBP, Euro or Dollars? Read this article! Find out which platforms enable such trading. Of course, one of them is the european cryptocurrency exchange – Zonda (previusly BitBay)! Are you looking for basic or more advanced information about ether (eth)? Do you want to know how blockchain works and the entire project constituting the technological base for many different token projects? You will find it all in the article below. See!

buying bitcoin (btc)

The best cryptocurrency exchanges ranking

We have prepared for you a comprehensive list of the world’s cryptocurrency exchanges. Do you want to find out what is the best cryptocurrency exchange in 2020 and 2021? Although the entire list includes over 100 bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchanges from around the world, the top 10 were selected in many very different respects. Check it out!

buying bitcoin (btc)

Binance exchange

If you are looking for a wide selection of cryptocurrencies that you could trade and exchange for other cryptocurrencies, you will surely be interested in the possibilities offered by the Binance exchange. Because it is currently one of the world’s largest Bitcoin exchanges, which offers nearly a thousand different cryptocurrencies and tokens. Read our publication!

buying bitcoin (btc)

Which bitcoin exchange is the biggest?

We invite you to read our list of the largest digital currency trading and exchange platforms for 2020 i 2021. Are you curious which Bitcoin exchange (BTC) generates the highest turnover in trading it or trading other cryptocurrencies? Of course, this article collects the most up-to-date information on the value of purchase and sale transactions of encrypted electronic currencies based on blockchain technology. Therefore, if you want to find out which world bitcoin exchange is the largest, read this article.

buying bitcoin (btc)

Where can You buy cryptocurrencies?

You are interested in the subject of encrypted electronic currencies but you do not know where to buy them. We invite you to read our article, in which we present all the ways and places where to buy cryptocurrencies for traditional currencies (FIAT), i.e. mainly exchange offices, bitomats and the cryptocurrency exchange. Of course, we tried to prepare the topic as comprehensively and exhaustively as possible.

Bitcoin Exchange | British and european cryptocurrency exchange – Bitcoin

The analyzes and studies published on the website constitute only the views of the editors and should not be interpreted otherwise. Any investment decisions made on the basis of the above information or analyzes are made solely at your own risk. All information on the website does not constitute an individual recommendation in any case, and any data and analyzes presented therein do not relate to the individual investment goals, needs or individual financial situation of the persons to whom they were presented. Investments in OTC market instruments, including contracts for exchange rate differences (CFDs), due to the use of the financial leverage mechanism, involve the possibility of incurring losses exceeding the value of the deposit. It is worth noting that most of the platforms that offer cryptocurrency exchange work It is not possible to profit from trading OTC instruments, including Contracts for Difference (CFDs) without risking loss, and therefore Contracts for Difference (CFDs) may not be suitable for all investors. The information published by the portal is in no way supported or financed by entities promoted on it, i.e. the european cryptocurrency exchange Zonda and Binance – bitcoin exchange

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cyber security

Information about investment risk!

Investing in cryptocurrencies is EXTREMELY RISKY! Cryptocurrencies are subject to large fluctuations in exchange rates and can cause you to lose all your invested capital. We do not in any way encourage you to buy any digital currencies or tokens. You take the commencement of investing in cryptocurrencies at your own risk, and our portal is not responsible for any decisions made on the basis of information on the website

The website informs that the information contained therein are not recommendations within the meaning of the “Act on Trading in Financial Instruments”. The website is not an investment guide within the meaning of the law. The content presented on the website is the expression personal views of the author. In no case are these investment advice. The author makes every effort to ensure that the information provided is as verified as possible, accurate, reliable, honest and objective. The author is not responsible for decisions made on the basis of the information provided and reminds that investing in cryptocurrencies it is extremely risky and may result in the loss of some or all of the invested capital. I always try to focus on collecting data and analyzing it through the available devices and electronics. 

European Cryptocurrency exchange or perhaps the largest british Bitcoin exchange?

Both of these terms describe and fit the Zonda exchange well. That’s because it’s both the first and largest European Bitcoin (BTC) exchange and simply the most popular and best European cryptocurrency exchange with more than a million satisfied users not only from Europe but from all over the world. Why? Noteworthy is the fact, the Bitcoin exchange Zonda is available in most of the most popular languages and allows you to buy and trade cryptocurrencies for many classic currencies like dollars, euros zlotys or pounds.

Of course, equally important is that it has more than 30 different cryptocurrencies and tokens on offer. Both the most popular ones such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Ripple, Stellar or Tron, as well as the slightly less well-known ones such as ChainLink, Lisk or Dash. Because it is easy to use it is now being used by more and more people. At the moment it is already well over 1000000 users from all over Europe and the world. Due to the fact that it has the ability to buy through classic FIAT fiat currencies such as Zloty, Euros, Dollars or Pounds, more and more users from abroad are becoming convinced by it. Join them today and sign up for a free account! Cryptocurrency exchange Zonda is not only free account registration but also huge investment opportunities and various tools.

Cryptocurrency exchange vs Bitcoin exchange 2021

The end of 2020 and the beginning of 2021 were marked by a significant boom in this market. That is why virtually all encrypted electronic currencies gained value, from Bitcoin, Ethereum through Litecoin, Ripple, Cardano, Dash, Monero and varieties of Bitcoin – Cash, Gold, as well as Stellar, Tron and SV to less known and popular projects such as Lisk, PAY, Polkadot, Doge Coin or ChainLink and many others.

What is the reason for such a large bull market? Probably, it is due to the issue of global dodging of classic currencies to “rescue” Western economies from the crisis caused by the SARS-COV-2 coronavirus outbreak. Therefore, many analysts are rallying that individual cryptocurrencies will reach cosmic values. Perhaps this will happen. I, however, am somewhat skeptical about this. How it will be in reality time will tell. The year 2020 and 2021 will certainly make gains for the European bitcoin exchange Zonda Global and other major cryptocurrency exchanges, which are recording an unprecedented number of registered new users. It’s amazing what is happening and many cryptocurrency enthusiasts dream that this state of affairs will continue for a long time to come. This is what we wish for all of you.

The Zonda exchange is the most popular British and european bitcoin exchange.

We present all the most important basic information about this platform for trading and exchanging encrypted electronic currencies. It is notable that it offers the purchase and sale of over 30 different cryptocurrencies. Since its user base is constantly growing, it has now exceeded over a million active users. Zonda Global is becoming more and more recognizable british cryptocurrency exchange in Europe. Undoubtedly, it is currently one of the best european Bitcoin exchange. Do you want to learn more about the possibilities offered by the Zonda exchange? Read on!

ZONDA – Informations

Buying cryptocurrencies from scratch

Do you want to learn everything that is most important from scratch before investing in digital currencies? We will guide you step by step and show that buying cryptocurrencies is not as difficult or complicated as it may seem at first glance. That is why we have prepared for you several dozen different articles on the subject of cryptocurrencies and about 20 articles on individual projects of encrypted electronic currencies and tokens. Of course, you will find here a lot of information on how the british and european Bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchange works.

Buying cryptocurrencies