Bitcoin exchange or cryptocurrency exchange? How to choose?

Are You looking for safe and big world bitcoin exchange or maybe smaller european cryptocurrency exchange? Binance and BitBay - learn more and choose your!


Find out where and how to buy Bitcoin step by step – easily and conveniently. Buying Bitcoin for pounds, euro or dollars is enabled by the BitBay – cryptocurrency exchange. The Bitcoin exchange – Binance will allow you to exchange your first cryptocurrency for several hundred other digital currencies and tokens. Check!


You don’t know where to buy cryptocurrencies for pounds, euro, or dollars? Buying cryptocurrencies can be easy and fast. Are you interested in digital currency exchange? On this page you will learn everything that is most important. We will lead you by the hand, step by step. Read!


The BitBay cryptocurrency exchange already has about a million users. Not only from Europe but all over the world. Register today and join millions of holders of encrypted digital currencies. Binance cryptocurrency exchange is an even larger group of users and possibilities.


Discover the affiliate programs offered by the BitBay cryptocurrency exchange and one of the largest bitcoin exchanges – Binance. Both are attractive and allow you to earn passively by trading other people. More information can be found below or on the subpages of individual platforms.

Are you looking for a reliable and trusted bitcoin exchange?

Binance and BitBay cryptocurrency exchange are using many, high quality technological  protetcions.
Both of them have a very large group of satisfied users.
Learn more and join them!

BitBay – cryptocurrency exchange

Learn more about BitBay – the largest european exchange and trade cryptocurrencies! The Bitcoin BitBay exchange enables the purchase of digital currencies for FIAT classic currencies, i.e. euros, pounds and dollars. This is a big difference in the context of the Binance cryptocurrency exchange because there the exchange of encrypted electronic currencies takes place only for other cryptocurrencies. BitBay thanks to quick registration and verification as well as smooth transfers enables quick investing in digital assets.

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Binance’s largest global bitcoin (btc) exchange

Create a free account and exchange cryptocurrencies among several hundred different projects. This bitcoin exchange offers the greatest investment opportunities, is easy to use and efficient. Extensive analytical capabilities and affiliate program encourage you to use it. Despite its relatively young age, the Binance cryptocurrency exchange is currently one of the most popular and largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. She even introduced her own cryptocurrency – Binance Coin, which can be used to trade with smaller commissions. For some time it also has a Polish language version and enables payment by credit card. Check!

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Binance exchange

What will you find on our website?

We strive to provide as much reliable information as possible from the world of cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology and cryptocurrency exchanges. We conduct and create technical analyzes, rankings and present various curiosities and news.


We guide users step by step by familiarizing them with individual cryptocurrency projects and the risks associated with this type of investment. Are you looking for information on what is cryptocurrency or what is Bitcoin? We encourage you to read our articles on this topic! Welcome to our blog section. We publish both basic information and such for more advanced users.


We encourage you to visit our cryptocurrency news section and to monitor our site on a regular basis. We publish various information, broadcuts and broader articles on various topics, e.g. the ranking of the largest bitcoin exchanges, the ranking of the best cryptocurrencies and cryptocurrency exchanges. Many of our materials relate to the platforms we work with, i.e. the Binance cryptocurrency exchange and the Bitcoin exchange – Bitbay! we invite you to read


We create and discuss technical analyzes of cryptocurrencies. We help anticipate upcoming scenarios and share knowledge. We present them based on the charts of the most popular Bitcoin exchange in Europe, i.e. BitBay and other foreign exchanges. We use various tools and solutions as well as technical analysis concepts to give you the most accurate forecasts for bitcoin price increases or decreases.


We facilitate the creation of accounts on two cryptocurrency exchanges through our reference links. One of them is one of them is the bitcoin exchange, which is currently one of the largest in the world or Binance. The second is of course the european cryptocurrency exchange – BitBay. Easily create free accounts and buy cryptocurrencies for GBP, Euro or exchange for other cryptocurrencies. Try it today!


Blockchain technology on which cryptocurrencies are based is an extremely rapidly growing field. More and more interesting applications of this solution are emerging among the largest companies. We present the latest curiosities regarding practical applications of this technology. Learn from scratch how blockchain technology was created and works, as well as cryptocurrencies and tokens created with the so-called side chain to major Blockchain networks like Ethereum or Lisk.


We provide you with information on current progress and development of individual cryptocurrency projects. It is worth following the actions of developers in individual cryptocurrency projects. One of the most interesting in recent months is Binance Coin – a project that creates and develops Binance – a Chinese cryptocurrency exchange that has gained the trust of several million users in a few years.


We show the world of encrypted electronic currencies from the side of the most interesting events. New implementations and applications as well as development ideas. Increasingly, many of them surprise with modern and innovative solutions and commercial applications in cooperation with various public institutions. Various companies and the most known global brands are beginning to open up to this technology.


We guide users step by step by familiarizing them with individual cryptocurrency projects and the risks associated with this type of investment. Are you looking for information on what is cryptocurrency or what is Bitcoin? We encourage you to read our articles on this topic! Welcome to our blog section. We publish both basic information and such for more advanced users.


Is it possible for money to earn while you sleep? If you join the affiliate program offered by the Polish BitBay cryptocurrency exchange or bitcoin exchange – Binance and invite a lot of friends then it will happen! Both of these platforms offer interesting conditions and if the partner is involved in acquiring new and active (importantly) users then over time it can count on increasing passive income. You can find more information by reading individual articles about selected platforms.


Among the numerous articles under development, you will find very interesting and diverse rankings and summaries. Are you interested in what stock market is currently the best Polish bitcoin exchange or which place is in the world ranking of the best cryptocurrency exchanges? Do you want to know the ranking of the largest bitcoin exchanges or the ranking of the best cryptocurrency 2019? You can find it all! The most interesting selected materials and articles can be found below or in the news tab. We invite you to read!

Bitcoin Exchange – Binance

Join the affiliate program and start earning!

The european BitBay cryptocurrency exchange offers interesting conditions and high commissions for trading from your referral link. The maximum commission on this platform is 30% of the value charged by this crypto exchange on transactions made by users. Take the chance and start earning passively. Even when you are sleeping! Invite friends through reference links. Compare the conditions offered by the Bitcoin BitBay exchange or one of the largest global exchanges – the Binance cryptocurrency exchange. Check!

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Cryptocurrency news

We are constantly trying to publish the most interesting (in our opinion) cryptocurrency news, curiosities, information on the development of individual projects as well as technical analyzes and various statements and rankings. We invite you to read!

bitcoin price

Is this the end of the boom on cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin?

Is this the end of the boom on cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin? The last hours and 2-3 days were not happy for cryptocurrency investors, of course, mainly Bitcoin. Of course, many[…]

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what is cryptocurrency exchange

What is a cryptocurrency exchange?

Do You know what is a cryptocurrency exchange? Perhaps a part of wondering what the cryptocurrency exchange really is and what it covers from the Bitcoin exchange or exchange. Cryptocurrency[…]

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bitcoin btc price

Bitcoin for 40 000 USD! Ethereum is reaching its maximum!

Incredible! A dozen or so days ago, I was wondering if Bitcoin would break the historical highs of $ 20,000 per unit. Moments later, this level was broken, and today[…]

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Below we present to you the most interesting (in our opinion) articles that are worth reading and should read if you are interested in the subject of cryptocurrency markets. On the whole website you will find many interesting, surprising and educational articles on various topics related to cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology or the specificity of businesses such as the bitcoin exchange or cryptocurrency exchange. Here you will find basic information, extensive technical analyzes and the most interesting summaries, rankings and comparisons. We invite you to read!

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Buying Bitcoin BTC

Are you taking your first steps in the world of digital currencies and want to find out where to buy bitcoin? We invite you to read the dedicated article on this topic. Buying bitcoin for zloty, euro or pounds can be quick, easy and convenient. Check it out! Are you looking for only the most important and key technological information about the world’s first digital currency? You will find that in this article as well. Read on!

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The best cryptocurrencies – rankings

Are you looking for projects that have the most interesting development prospects based on technological possibilities and current applications? You will learn everything from the list below. It takes into account several dozen different projects and technological, innovative parameters and the application and use of individual digital currencies for payments. We invite you to familiarize yourself with a simple and understandable list of individual projects.

What is Bitcoin?

Are You searching for informations about first cryptocurrency Bitcoin? Want to know what is Bitcoin? Please read this article. You will find there all key informations about Bitcoin!

Bitcoin Exchange | British and european cryptocurrency exchange – Bitcoin

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