Where and how to buy Ethereum ETH

Buying Ethereum

Are you interested in buying Ethereum but you don’t know how to go about it and how to start?

You don’t know where to buy Ethereum?

One of the most important cryptocurrencies and projects that you should consider buying at the very beginning is Ether (ETH). Before we get to the information where to buy it we will give you some information about this digital currency. Its creator is Vitalij Buterin, a Russian programmer who previously worked on the first cryptocurrency – Bitcoin. Ethereum was launched in 2013. Purchase of Ether (ETH) was possible through public issue. Currently you can also obtain these coins by “lending” the computing power of your computer to process blockchain networks as well as simply buy on the cryptocurrency market. Just enter the button below and register a free account on the largest European cryptocurrency exchange:

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More information about Ether (ETH)

Ethereum is a blockchain platform and network in which Ether is the currency unit. It is currently at the forefront of many of the best cryptocurrency rankings. Ether is very often used by developers who use it to pay for services. There are many other cryptocurrencies in the Ethereum network that can be exchanged for ETH. It is also possible to create applications and conclude so-called smart contracts. In april 2021 capitalization of Ether exceeded $ 257 billion, what made it the second-largest cryptocurrency in the world. It is worth noting that Ether cryptocurrency has long been in second place in the Chinese official ranking of the most interesting and best cryptocurrencies. More informations and details You can find at official website ethereum.org of the Ethereum project.
where to buy ethereum for pounds GBP
buying ethereum

Why should you consider buying Ethereum?

Ether is a very important means of payment on international cryptocurrency market. On the Binance cryptocurrency exchange Ether can be exchanged for several hundred different cryptocurrencies. So any aspiring investor should consider buying Ether (ETH) just for that reason. More and more different projects are using side chains (sidechain) to create their own cryptocurrency tokens, e.g. ERC-20. Right now (2021) Ethereum is on the top of the best cryptocurriencies rankings in the World.

This makes it a solution, that has practical applications, what cannot be said for many other cryptocurrency ventures.
This digital currency also faces various problems. One of them is the growing size of blockchain networks supporting it and the transactions contained therein. Therefore technological corrections or increasing computing power are needed to prevent it from slowing down transactions.To sum up, however, we think that buying Ether (ETH) can be considered as an option in your first steps on the cryptocurrency market.

Where else can you buy Ethereum?

Buying Ether is possible via many different electronic currency trading platforms, below is a list of the largest or most popular international cryptocurrency exchanges:


Cryptopia (New Zealand cryptocurrency exchange)
Bitfinex (you can buy Ether for US dollars)
HitBTC (cryptocurrency / Bitcoin exchange from Hong Kong)
bitFlyer (electronic currency trading platform in Japan)
Kraken (US Bitcoin Exchange)
Coinbase (you can buy Ether for US dollars)


As you can see, buying Ether (ETH) is not as difficult as it may seem at first. If you are interested in this topic please register your account on one of the cryptocurrency exchanges. It is worth noting that for many months Ether has been in the lead (1-3 place) in the rankings of the best cryptocurrencies. Unfortunately this cannot be said about the first cryptocurrency – Bitcoin, although it is still the most popular on the market and its price is still rising.
Don’t know where to buy Bitcoin? You will learn everything about it from this article. We invite you to read it.


Buying Ethereum (ETH) – Summary. How and where to buy Ethereum?

As you can see, buying ether is not as difficult as it may seem at the beginning. However, most of these cryptocurrency exchanges do not allow payment for the purchase of Ether cryptocurrency in traditional currencies, but only allow them to be “exchanged” for other digital ones. 

It is worth noting that for many months Ether has been in the lead (1-3 place) in the rankings of the best cryptocurrencies. Unfortunately this cannot be said about the first cryptocurrency – Bitcoin. Although it is still the most popular on the market and its price recently dramatically increased.


Buying Ethereum (ETH) – what should you consider?

Ethereum (ETH) is a project known even to people who are just starting their adventure with blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. Its market value constantly ranks it among the top cryptocurrencies, just behind Bitcoin. How did Ether become so popular? First, it is one of the first cryptocurrency projects. Secondly, it has a real use for sharing side blocks to create your own projects and tokens.

That is why Ethereum is a real ether for the encrypted electronic currency market. It is worth noting that it is one of the most popular also on our site. In this way, we understood how important and popular Ethereum is among users. Below you can see relatively up-to-date price charts for this encrypted electronic currency. More details You can find at website ethereum.org. If You think that buying Ethereum today is too risky maybe You would like to find good company with growth and development potential in 2021 and 2022? 

Buying  Ether (ETH) – FAQ

  • What is Ethereum?

It is a blockchain network, in which the main means of payment is the Ether (ETH) cryptocurrency. It is one of the world’s most popular cryptocurrency projects, it enables the creation of separate coins and their processing.

  • How to buy Ether (ETH)?

The easiest and fastest way is to buy Ether through the BitBay cryptocurrency exchange. Just sign up for a free account, verify, and then transfer your funds. Ether is of course also available on most (hundreds) of other cryptocurrency trading and exchange platforms.

  • What is Ethereum 2.0?

This is the latest, improved version of the Ethereum blockchain network, which is faster and more scalable. It was implemented at the beginning of December 2020.

  • Is it possible to buy Eteher (ETH) without verification?

It is quite difficult because most exchanges and other platforms that provide the opportunity to buy Ether require at least personal data. The only option to buy Ether (ETH) without verification is an individual purchase transaction with a person who has this cryptocurrency. In this case no additional identity verification documents is required.

  • Where to invest in Ethereum ETH?

Basically, investing in Ethereum ETH is relatively simple and easily accessible because virtually every cryptocurrency exchange allows it.

  • How to invest in Ethereum?

The best advice for beginners but also for advanced investors is to buy Ethereum ETH during a bull market and during the lows. Then be patient and wait until the economic situation changes and a bull market arrives. Then you will have plenty of time to sell Ethereum at the highest possible price.

  • Is it worth investing in Ethereum 2.0.?

To this question we can not give you a definite answer although the forecasts for Ethereum ETH are very promising it is unlikely to give you money during a bull market. So the question of whether it is worth investing in Ethereum depends on the current market situation and the current price.

  • Is it possible to buy Ethereum ETH anonymously?

It will be rather difficult on classic platforms and online exchanges. The only reasonable way to buy Ethereum anonymously is a pre-arranged buy-sell trade transaction outside exchanges.

  • Is it possible to buy Ethereum without registration?

In most cases – exchanges and exchange offices – this will not be possible. In fact, all of them today require personal information and sending documents to complete the registration process. Therefore, it is difficult to buy Ethereum 2.0. ETH without registering and providing personal information. It can be done through an arranged buy-sell transaction outside the market.

How to buy Ethereum (ETH)? Update 2021

Many of you ask us how to buy Ether? What you should do, step by step, to buy Ethereum 2.0. Basically it’s quite simple. Perhaps the most accessible place to buy Ether for euro, dollars or pounds is the Zonda cryptocurrency exchange. Most of other cryptocurrency exchanges do not provide opportunity for the purchase of Ether with FIAT currencies.

All you need to do is create a free account by clicking on the button below, send the required documents to verify your account to the exchange, and then transfer any amount of funds. We recommend small amounts so that the potential loss would not be too painful. Then, after the transfer is posted, you can purchase Ether (ETH) in the main panel of the BitBay exchange or in the BitBay PRO panel. 

You can see the screen from this panel below.

A few words for end

Finally, we would like to wish you that the current boom (2021) lasts as long as possible because it will give you a chance to earn more. We hope that this article has comprehensively explained you how to buy Ethereum step by step and, above all, where to buy Ether (ETH) for  traditional (FIAT) currencies. As you can see, it is not as difficult as it might initially seem, however for people who are taking their first steps in this market and this subject is completely unfamiliar, it may cause some problems. 

Undoubtedly, investing in cryptocurrencies, and thus in Ether (ETH), is very risky and may involve the loss of all invested capital. Thus, the key problem, challenge and question should not be how or where to buy Ether, but at what price buying it will be a good investment and at what value should you sell it to earn a profit. Until now cryptocurrencies are mainly an investment and speculative tool, which is why this question is in our opinion the most important.

As you can see, buying Ethereum ETH is possible all over the world. Such an opportunity is provided both by the Zonda Global cryptocurrency exchange but also by many other platforms and exchange offices available online around the world. So it doesn’t matter at all whether you live in India, the Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark or England or the United States. All you have to do is create a free account, verify your profile and deposit the fiat currency of your choice for which you want to purchase cryptocurrency. It can be a dollar, euro or pound sterling.