Where and how to buy NEO

How and where to buy chinese cryptocurrency NEO?

What is NEO?

NEO is a cryptocurrency of Chinese origin. The main idea behind its existence is to introduce a smart economy that enables easy exchange of goods and data. Like other blockchain networks, it is typically dispersed and decentralized. What makes this digital currency different? Unlike other cryptocurrencies, NEO allows for so-called smart contracts. They can be used to store encrypted and dispersed data about, for example, stock trading, receivables or other contracts. Do you want to know how to buy NEO for GBP and the full answer to the question where to buy NEO in UK? We invite you to continue reading the article.

Why should you consider buying NEO cryptocurrency?

The open source development platform gives a wide range of possibilities to develop tools and applications that work with NEO. Another very important distinction of this cryptocurrency is that it cannot be mined like other encrypted electronic currencies. In addition, the producers of NEOs regularly reward the purchase and storage of NEOs in appropriate wallets, by awarding another NEO-related electronic currency, GAS. In other words, buying NEOs and storing them regularly gives us additional GAS units. It is worth noting that NEO has been appearing in the top ten in the rankings of the best cryptocurrencies for several months. Also in the latest Chinese cryptocurrency ranking . Buying NEO is possible on the BINANCE cryptocurrency exchange. 

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Buying NEO

NEO – additional informations

As an interesting fact, we can reveal that our (the creators of the portal bitcoin-exchange.uk) interest was first aroused by the NEO cryptocurrency. However, problems with buying it immediately led us to interest in buying other electronic currencies. Since that time (November 2017) the price of NEO increased by about 1000%: from about $35 to almost $400. This encouraged us to create the website bitcoin-exchange.uk so that no one would miss such an opportunity anymore and that it would be faster and easier to buy the selected digital currency. In our opinion NEO is currently one of the most interesting cryptocurrencies available in the world.
Find out more on the official website https://neo.org/

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Buying NEO

Where can you buy NEO?

Below, we present to you a list of platforms where you can buy NEO or exchange it for other cryptocurrencies or FIAT currencies:

  1. AscendEX (BitMax)
  2. BiONE
  3. BingX
  4. Bitexen
  5. Bitfinex
  6. Bitforex
  7. Bitget
  8. BitMart
  9. Bitrue
  10. Binance
  11. Binance US
  12. BtcTurk | Kripto
  13. CEX.IO
  14. Changelly PRO
  15. CoinEx
  16. CoinW
  17. Crypto.com Exchange
  18. DigiFinex
  19. EXMO
  20. FMFW.io
  21. Gate.io
  22. HitBTC
  23. Hotcoin Global
  24. KuCoin
  26. LBank
  27. MEXC
  28. Nash
  29. OKX
  30. Pionex
  31. Poloniex
  32. ProBit Global
  33. TokoCrypto
  34. Tokenize
  35. WhiteBIT
  36. XT.COM

You now have a complete overview and comprehensive information as well as an answer to the question of where to buy NEO with FIAT currencies or other cryptocurrencies, or how to buy NEO with GBP in UK.

Where else can you buy the NEO cryptocurrency?

Currently, the purchase of NEO cryptocurrency is possible on many different cryptocurrency exchanges but mostly at the largest bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchanges in the World from this ranking. The following exchanges recorded the highest turnover recently:

CoinEgg, Binance (the world’s most popular cryptocurrency exchange), BitForex, Bitfinex, OKEx (one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges), LBank, BCEX, Qryptos, Coinsuper, DragonEX, Huobi, Exrates, Upbit, HitBTC (Bitcoin exchange)

Unfortunately, at this point, the purchase of NEO is practically impossible with traditional currencies, but only with other cryptocurrencies, e.g. BTC or ETH. We hope this article was of help to you in the context of finding out how and where to buy NEO. It is worth noting that NEO has been in the top ten rankings of the best cryptocurrencies for several months. 

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Chinese cryptocurrency NEO

NEO is a cryptocurrency of Chinese origin. What makes it different? Unlike other cryptocurrencies, it allows for so-called smart contracts. These can be used to store encrypted and distributed data on, for example, stock trading, receivables or other contracts. China’s NEO cryptocurrency has been in the TOP 5 ranking of the world’s top cryptocurrencies for a long time.

  • Consensus Delegated Byzantine Fault Tolerance (dBFT): NEO uses the Delegated Byzantine Fault Tolerance (dBFT) consensus mechanism. dBFT is an efficient and secure consensus protocol that enables rapid confirmation of transactions on the NEO network. Under this model, token holders can select delegates to represent their interests in the decision-making process.
  • Smart contracts: Like Ethereum, NEO enables the creation and deployment of smart contracts, which are self-executing computer programmes. This provides the opportunity to create a variety of blockchain-based applications and services, such as exchanges, payment systems, rights management and more.
  • Virtual machines: NEO supports two virtual machines: the NeoVM and the NeoVM Lightweight. These virtual machines allow smart contract code to run in a variety of programming languages such as C#, Java, Python and others, making it easier for developers to create applications on the NEO platform.
  • NEO and GAS tokens: the project a two main tokens – NEO and GAS. The NEO token represents ownership and shares in the network, much like shares in traditional companies. The GAS token acts as a fuel or fee for using the network. Holders of this token generate a GAS token automatically by holding NEO in their wallet.
  • Ecosystem and partnerships: NEO has an extensive ecosystem that includes a variety of projects, applications and partnerships. Communities of developers are developing open-source projects and the NEO platform encourages the creation and implementation of innovative solutions based on its technology.
  • Regulation and cooperation with the Chinese government: NEO is one of the few blockchain projects that enjoys support from the Chinese government. The platform aims to comply with local regulations and work with the authorities to promote the development of blockchain technology in China.
  • Scalability and development plans: the project is taking steps to improve the scalability and performance of its network. The project is developing new technologies, such as sharding and state channel, to enable it to handle more transactions per second and expand its network capabilities.

Tracking the NEO cryptocurrency exchange rate is important for those interested in investing in the project or using applications based on this platform. Monitoring NEO’s price allows you to track changes in the value of the token, analyse the market and make better-informed investment decisions. Now you certainly know where to buy NEOs for GBP in UK or other FIAT currencies and, of course, how to buy NEOs for other cryptocurrencies on exchanges.