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New rating - the best cryptocurrencies 2019 and 2020

Curious about the best cryptocurrencies?

You often ask us the question “what are the best cryptocurrencies?”. In answer to this question, we present you the latest ranking presenting the best cryptocurrencies 2019 and 2020 (below). It was based on reports of Chinese government institutions. The unit subordinated to the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology – Center for Information Industry Development (CCID) – has recently prepared the first ranking of the best cryptocurrencies in 2019, followed by the next.

As you probably guessed, the preparation of a comprehensive and fully reliable cryptocurrency ranking, which presents only the undoubtedly the best cryptocurrencies, is not so simple. Nearly 2,000 different projects have been created on the wave of the boom of 2017, which is already deteriorating today.

Cryptocurrency ranking – what are the best cryptocurrencies in 2019?
There have been major changes in recent rankings prepared by this entity. However, there is no point in looking for them in the highest places. Here, it does not change much compared to the ranking of the best cryptocurrencies 2018. The first place is taken by the EOS cryptocurrency, the second Ethereum. A big surprise is being on the podium in the ranking of the best cryptocurrencies 2019 – Ontology, which has dethroned BitShares.

The fourth place was encrypted electronic currency – GXChain, which also seems to be a big surprise. Another positive surprise is the considerable rise of the NULS cryptocurrency. Earlier this cryptocurrency was around 18 or 19 place. Currently it is on the 6th place in the ranking of the best cryptocurrencies 2019 and it has jumped on the 7th place, the Chinese cryptocurrency NEO.

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The best cryptocurrencies 2019 – full rating

Another digital currency that definitely surprised negatively in the latest Chinese ranking of the best cryptocurrencies in 2019 is Lisk. He dropped out of the top 10 and is currently in 12th place. The first and best known cryptocurrency or Bitcoin is in 15th place. When it comes to other “popular” cryptocurrencies, Litecoin is falling again in this ranking.
The rating itself changed slightly in the ranking. Currently, one of the most important is the assessment of the capacity of the chain itself. Maybe that’s why there have been so many changes in this ranking?

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We also encourage you to track the progress and previous classifications and rankings of the best cryptocurrencies in 2018. Thanks to this, you will have a full picture of how individual projects are developing.

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Objective determination and definition of the conditions for the assessment of digital currencies is almost unrealistic. There will always be someone who will challenge our opinions, assessments and concepts. The situation is similar when it comes to choosing the best cryptocurrencies. If you want to know our opinion. We assess well over a dozen, maximum dozens of projects.

In our opinion, the best cryptocurrencies are Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, EOS, NEO, Enjin Coin, ChainLink and Binance Coin

The best cryptocurrencies 2020 – update

There are many indications that 2020 will be a year of thaw on the cryptocurrency market. Fear, after destroying every bearish profit encountered on its way, slowly begins to subside. It is therefore worth checking what are the best cryptocurrencies in 2020. The best virtual coin combinations can be helpful. The most opinion-forming ranking is undoubtedly – prepared by the Chinese Center for Information and Industrial Development (CCID) – Global Blockchain Technology Assessment Index.

The list includes 35 of the most promising blockchain projects and tokens. The Chinese evaluate the enterprises, taking into account three criteria – the technology used, the possibilities of application and creativity. The 15th edition of the Chinese cryptocurrency ranking has brought changes, although partly nothing has changed.


EOS - the best cryptocurrency in both 2019 and 2020


EOS cryptocurrency still dominates the ranking, taking its 1st place. You can see that developers are not idle and are still growing competition for Ethereum. The EOS token is part of the EOS.IO platform. It is a blockchain protocol, which is the basis for concluding intelligent contracts. The revolutionary design was built as a decentralized operating system. EOS is an emulator of many components that we know from physical computers. The network, downloading the computing power of users, adapts it as its own, emulating processors, graphics cards, RAM memory and hard disk. The resources of virtual components are proportionally divided among EOS owners. The platform allows you to create applications based on a block chain and conclude intelligent contracts.

best cryptocurrency rating 2020

Ethereum (ETH)

In second place we will find the second, in terms of market capitalization, cryptocurrency. ETH swapped with TRON (TRX), which dropped one position down. Ethereum is known to everyone and to the project of Vitalik Buterin. The Ethereum platform is the largest project that develops the functionality of smartcontracts and blockchain-based applications. An example of an application based on the Ethereum blockchain is the CryptoKitties game. By listing the best cryptocurrencies and creating their rankings ether has been at the forefront for many years.

3rd best crypto - trx


TRON gives way to the Ethereum cryptocurrency, dropping to number 3 in the Chinese ranking. The project participates in the ambitious idea of ​​building internet 3.0. Networks with access to broad, free blockchain-based entertainment. The project leader is Justin Sun, who recently acquired BitTorrent – a peer-to-peer application that allows decentralized file sharing on the network.

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Immediately below the podium, the statement presenting the best cryptocurrencies 2020, the extremely innovative NULS project is firmly held. Compared to the previous ranking, the place of this cryptocurrency remains at the 4th position. The project developed the world’s first modular blockchain, consisting of a micro-kernel and modules. Such a system favors easy updates. The NULS platform provides its users with a virtual machine for creating decentralized applications. The platform is equipped with an interpreter and a wide range of programming languages ​​to choose from, so it doesn’t matter which programming language we use. NULS uses a new consensus protocol – Proof-of-Credit.

cryptocurrency lisk

Lisk (LSK)

Despite the turmoil in the project, Lisk will advance in the new ranking of the best cryptocurrencies 2 places up – from 7. to 5. Cryptocurrency with Polish roots is another platform that allows creating decentralized applications based on blockchain. The mission of the Lisk project is to increase access to blockchain technology for ordinary people. The open source platform was written in a relatively simple Java Script language, making it more accessible to a wider group of people. If you want to buy Liska now, click HERE and create a free account on the BitBay exchange.

Neo (NEO)

Neo gains 3 positions, pushing cryptocurrency STEEM from 6th place. The Chinese project, which was once Ethereum’s main competitor among platforms offering smart contracts. Neo is guided and aims to fulfill the vision of mass adoption of blockchain in the world. This project is still outside the TOP 5 ranking collecting the best cryptocurrencies 2020.

Steem (STEEM)

Steem is an interesting cryptocurrency and an interesting project. Other than all, because on the basis of blockchain Steem created such platforms as Steemit and D.Tube. Steem is referred to as the social block chain because it wants to replace the portals known today – such as Facebook, YouTube etc. – similar but decentralized. Blockchain can provide a very high level of privacy that you won’t find on today’s internet.

Bitshares (BTS)

Compared to the previous edition of the ranking, Bitshares fell 3 positions down. The cryptocurrency was created by Daniel Larimer, co-creator of projects such as Steem and EOS, which we have already discussed. The project is associated with the next generation of the financial market. The platform enables the creation of smart coins and cryptographically secured assets.

Bitcoin (BTC)

In the previous ranking, Bitcoin was out of the top ten – in 11th place. This time, however, the cryptocurrency king returns to the group of the best. Bitcoin probably needs no introduction. It is the first full-fledged cryptocurrency created by Satoshi Nakamoto – an anonymous creator or team of creators. As you can see, the list of the best cryptocurrencies in 2020 could not do without its original digital currency.

Stellar Lumens (XLM)

Stellar came last in the top ten presenting the best cryptocurrencies. It is an open project that aims to create a platform similar in operation to Western Union, but cheaper and decentralized. We can send fiat currency and cryptocurrencies through the Stellar platform. All this using the indirect currency, or Stellar’s “Lumens” (XLM).
Other items have been included in the picture below.

The full ranking of the best cryptocurrencies can be found below