Investing in AI artificial intelligence

Delving into the realm of Artificial Intelligence investment, who among us can forget our initial encounters with the concept of AI, seemingly relegated to the realms of science fiction? Now, we are spectators to a transformation, a tremor rippling through our world Artificial Intelligence is no longer a fantastical vision but a daily reality. AI,…
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Economic aspects of video games

Delve into the pivotal economic facets of video games Welcome to the entrancing universe of video games, where the amalgamation of technology, entertainment, and interactivity not only conjures astonishing experiences for millions of enthusiasts globally, but also spearheads an economic renaissance. Observing the modern economy, one can no longer overlook the formidable influence video games…
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How to invest in stocks in international markets?

How to invest in stocks in international markets? In the face of a global economy, investing in stocks in international markets is not only an exciting challenge, but also an opportunity for significant capital growth. In an era where information and technology transcend national borders, investors now have access to endless opportunities around the world.…
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Ripple vs SEC

Ripple XRP wins in court with SEC

It has happened! A few hours ago, the world was abuzz with the news that a district court in New York has ruled that the XRP token is not a security! This is a historic moment for the entire industry. The court case dragged on from today, that is, on July 13, Judge Analisa Torres…
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What factors influence share price fluctuations

What factors influence share price fluctuations?

The great game of the stock market, in which shares cheapen or rise in the blink of an eye, attracts the attention of both experienced investors and those who are just taking their first steps on the trading floor. Have you ever wondered what exactly influences these dynamic fluctuations in share prices? Is there a…
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Bitcoin price forecasts for 2025-30-35 to 2040

What are the current Bitcoin price forecasts for 2025, 2030, 35 to 2040? Cryptocurrencies, and Bitcoin in particular, have been stirring up a lot of excitement around the world for several years. Initially considered a curiosity, it has now become one of the hottest topics in the financial market. Bitcoin has come a long way…
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Ripple vs SEC

Ripple vs SEC court case

SEC vs Ripple There is one court case in the world of cryptocurrencies that is attracting the attention of investors, enthusiasts and regulators. This clash between Ripple and the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is playing a key role in determining the future of cryptocurrencies. At the centre of the dispute is the classification of…
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limited offer

Publishing articles at a lower price until the end of June!

Hello, I have a proposition that might interest you. Only until the end of June, you can have your promotional materials published on my websites at discounted prices: Website The price for publishing one article has been reduced from 95 euros to 75 euros (in USD, the price is reduced from 100 USD to 79 USD). …
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What could come to replace dollar stablecoins?

Stablecoin, as a digital asset with a direct link to fiat or tangible assets, has seemed the most reliable for some time. Particularly when it came to the indestructible and ubiquitous dollar, the equivalent of almost every trade transaction in the world. However, recent events with the collapse of U.S. banks, the ban on issuing…
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DeFi basics: what newcomers need to know

DeFi stands for decentralized finance, which includes cryptocurrency or blockchain applications aimed at unsettling financial intermediaries. DeFi does not have a single regulator, built from blockchain technology, that runs the Bitcoin currency. Instead, a network of computers records transactions and is not monopolized by a single source. This feature is key because centralized systems with…
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