Can cryptocurrencies help circumvent sanctions?

The end of February 2022 will certainly be associated with war by all of us. Russia’s attack on Ukraine has rapidly and permanently changed our perception of conventional warfare and the economic consequences of sanctions. It is felt not only by wealthy Russian oligarchs but also by the civilian population. The exclusion of some Russian…
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The most important and interesting information from the world of cryptocurrencies – August 2021

The mayor of Missouri wants to give out Bitcoin to his residents. Jayson Stewart of Cool Valley, Missouri wants his townspeople to receive Bitcoin worth between $ 500 and $ 1,000 each. Stewart is trying to obtain government funding to achieve this goal – he has also not ruled out the use of funds from…
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Game over – Squid Game token reset

In recent weeks, the Squid Game series has been all over the world. It has gained considerable popularity on the well-known portal with Netflix series. At this point, Squid Game. For some time now, we have heard information that a token with this name has also been created. Honestly, we didn’t even get to know…
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spółka dywidendowa potencjałem do wzrostu i rozwoju w 2021 i 2022?

Company with development and growth potential in 2021 and 2022

A dividend joint-stock company with potential for development and growth in 2021 and 2022? Many of you are mainly interested in investing in cryptocurrencies. They have been experiencing quite significant drops in prices in recent days. So I figured some of you might be considering switching stocks for investment. Therefore, today, for a change, I…
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Where to buy Bitcoin (BTC) in UK for pounds?

Want to find out where to buy Bitcoin (BTC) for pounds (GBP), US dollars or euros? Wondering where to buy Bitcoin (BTC)? There are several options available to you including bitcoin exchanges and cryptocurrency exchanges. Bitcoin’s popularity isn’t waning and the number of places enabling purchase it is growing every year. Do you want to…
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The most interesting events on the cryptocurrency market – a summary of May 2021

The most interesting news and events on the cryptocurrency market – a summary of May 2021 Bitcoin Takes Africa Bitcoin is gaining more and more popularity on the so-called “Black Continent”. Interestingly, this popularity is not just due to the speculative potential to get rich. African citizens – especially those politically and currency unstable –…
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Are the Bitcoin exchange and the cryptocurrency exchange the same?

At a time when Bitcoin was the only functioning cryptocurrency in the world, there was no division into Bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchanges. As a matter of fact, this distinction does not seem to exist today either. On exchanges where BTC trades, we can find dozens or even hundreds of other cryptocurrencies. The beginnings of bitcoin…
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How does Bitcoin affect life on Earth?

Bitcoin’s Influence on Life on Earth

How does Bitcoin affect life on Earth? Last week, Elon Musk’s tweets caused Bitcoin’s price to crash by around 30%. Tesla’s CEO tweeted the corporation’s statement that it would no longer accept payments for its Bitcoin products. The reason was to be the unimaginable consumption of electricity by the cryptocurrency network, and thus concern for…
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Cryptocurrency market – the most interesting events of the past days

Tesla sells 10% of its Bitcoin assets Tesla, Inc. – tech giant Elon Musk – announced that it sold some of its Bitcoins, which it purchased in 2020. The world heard about Tesla’s bitcoin purchases for the first time in March, when the company’s management admitted to buying the cryptocurrency. The value of the transaction…
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decentralized crypo exchange

How does a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange work?

Do you know how the decentralized cryptocurrency exchange works? For many years, centrally managed exchanges have been a ball and chain in the functioning of decentralized currencies – cryptocurrencies. The need to entrust your funds to a “trusted” third party to the transaction and provide them with your personal data under the KYC / AML…
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