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Is this the end of the boom on cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin?

Is this the end of the boom on cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin? The last hours and 2-3 days were not happy for cryptocurrency investors, of course, mainly Bitcoin. Of course, many of them made profits by selling their cryptocurrencies. But what are people who have just recently bought Bitcoin or other digital currencies to think? These…
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what is cryptocurrency exchange

What is a cryptocurrency exchange?

Do You know what is a cryptocurrency exchange? Perhaps a part of wondering what the cryptocurrency exchange really is and what it covers from the Bitcoin exchange or exchange. Cryptocurrency exchange to other words, a platform for the sale and exchange of encrypted electronic currencies In other words, it is a website that allows you…
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Bitcoin for 40 000 USD! Ethereum is reaching its maximum!

Incredible! A dozen or so days ago, I was wondering if Bitcoin would break the historical highs of $ 20,000 per unit. Moments later, this level was broken, and today the price of Bitcoin is 40,000 dollars for one piece! This means that investors who bought Bitcoin at the peak of the boom at the…
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what can you buy with bitcoin?

What can You buy with Bitcoin?

Do You know what can You buy with Bitcoin? What can you buy with Bitcoin? The number of products for which we will pay with cryptocurrencies is still constant. The next maximum years may be before the sudden popularization of cryptocurrencies, in particular Bitcoin. Already now the number of people interested in virtual money is…
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News from the world of cryptocurrencies – November 2020

News from the world of cryptocurrencies – November 2020 After a long break, I invite you to read the most important information from the world of digital currencies and blockchain technology. This time I have gathered all the most interesting (in my opinion) and the latest information about various projects in one place. I invite…
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The Poloniex and Bittrex sales platforms add new cryptocurrencies

Despite the recent worse months, the cryptocurrency exchange market seems to continue to grow, and electronic currency trading and exchange platforms are expanding their offer. We recently reported that the BitBay exchange has introduced new cryptocurrencies. In recent days, the possibility of buying cryptocurrencies such as Basic Attention Token (BAT) and Loom (LOOM) was introduced…
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bitcoin ath

Bitcoin Attacks Historical Highs!

Bitcoin Attacks Historical Highs! Recently I wrote about the fact that Bitcoin (BTC), the first cryptocurrency, has a chance to break the historical price maximums, i.e. ATH (from the English language). Today it turns out that it is 100% realistic that they will be broken soon. It seemed that Bitcoin’s rate would have to adjust…
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Where to buy cryptocurrencies?

Are you wondering where to buy cryptocurrencies for euros, dollars or pounds? We are in 2020, we live in the age of modern technologies, the speculative craze for cryptocurrencies has passed, but the slow evolution of this market has begun. More and more places, also in Europe, accept payments in virtual coins. It is worth…
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News from the world of cryptocurrencies

Some time ago I was wondering if this year we will see the historical maximums of Bitcoin value, i.e. ATH. Today it is safe to say that this attack will take place at its maxima. Although the demand has slowed down a bit in recent hours, there are many indications that in the following days…
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The best cryptocurrency exchanges 2020 and 2021 – ranking

Ranking – the best cryptocurrency exchanges 2020 and 2021 Are you wondering what are the best cryptocurrency exchanges? In 2019, for the first time, there was a very interesting list of the best cryptocurrency exchanges (you can see the first 50 places in the pictures). Due to the comprehensiveness and reliability, this ranking of cryptocurrency…
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