Ripple XRP wins in court with SEC

It has happened! A few hours ago, the world was abuzz with the news that a district court in New York has ruled that the XRP token is not a security! This is a historic moment for the entire industry. The court case dragged on from today, that is, on July 13, Judge Analisa Torres ruled in favor of Ripple Labs in a case against the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). However, the court also ruled that Ripple Labs broke the law by offering to invest in its token to institutional investors. The case will therefore continue in court.

Rumors of a positive ruling had been appearing in the media and social media for a few months, however, everyone was waiting for the official ruling. The price of XRP on cryptocurrency exchanges began to rise rapidly. Until yesterday, it did not exceed 50 cents. Currently, this token is priced at 0.80 cents. This means an increase of 60-70% in a few hours. What price will it reach in the coming days, weeks or months? We don’t know and we won’t make any predictions. However, if you think this token has a good future you can easily and quickly buy it now for FIAT currencies on Binance or Zonda Crypto by clicking on the buttons below and creating a free account.

Secure encrypted redirection

Secure encrypted redirection


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