Where and how to buy EOS?

EOS cryptocurrency – where to buy?

Why should you consider buying EOS cryptocurrency?

Firstly, because EOS has been at the top of the top cryptocurrency rankings for many weeks. It was also ranked first in the latest Cryptocurrency 2021 ranking. What’s unique about the EOS network is that any holder of EOS coins can use the network’s computing power in almost any way he or she wants. It only depends on the amount of coins you have. The EOS cryptocurrency and its blockchain aspires to be one of the most efficient chains.

It is assumed that the supply of EOS coins will be 2,000,000,000. The essence of the EOS cryptocurrency is one decentralized consensus algorithm – Delegated Proof of Stake (DPOS), which meets the performance requirements for blockchain applications. According to this algorithm, everyone who owns EOS tokens can choose block producers through a continuous voting system. Each user can participate in the production of blocks, and the number of blocks he produces determines the proportionate total number of votes received, in relation to all other producers.

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What is EOS?

The Eos project was created on July 1, 2017 by a team of experienced programmers working for block.one. The company based in the Cayman Islands, and it provides IT solutions based on blockchains for businesses. It can be said that the EOS is the work of cryptocurrency professionals, as evidenced by the fact that this virtual currency has been refined to the smallest detail.

Technologically, EOS.IO is software that has a blockchain architecture designed to enable vertical and horizontal scaling of decentralized applications. The design and operation is similar to an operating system on which various applications can be developed. This solution provides accounts, databases, authentication, asynchronous communication, as well as application scheduling across multiple CPU cores and/or clusters.

EOS has a decentralized operating system and allows convenient operation of commercial applications. What distinguishes it is the lack of transaction fees in exchange for joint ownership of the network. A user who wants to make transactions using EOS will not pay anything for it, but by purchasing an EOS token, he will become the owner of a part of the cryptocurrency network and have the right to use its resources in a manner proportional to his share.
In EOS, security is very important, so appropriate defense systems have been introduced to make EOS able to fight off DdoS attacks.
The structure of the EOS token is open and based on the OS (open source) documentation, while the token itself is based on the Ethereum network. Sending EOS coins involves the necessity to incur fees, which are collected by the ETH network.

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Application of eos

EOS introduced a completely new blockchain architecture with its software. Its creators put emphasis on the fact that it allows vertical and horizontal scaling of decentralized applications. It was possible to achieve this by creating a structure similar to the operating system, i.e. the environment in which applications can be built. Eos users have software where they create accounts, authenticate registration, are provided with databases, application scheduling and asynchronous communication over hundreds of CPU cores. All of this has led to EOS having a blockchain architecture that is capable of scaling up to millions of transactions every single second. There are no transaction fees for EOS users, and users can quickly and easily deploy decentralized applications.

The EOS cryptocurrency software – EOS.IO allows you to create blocks every 3 seconds and only one manufacturer is authorized to produce a block at a time. If it does not, the block for that interval is temporarily skipped. When one or more blocks are skipped, there is a 6-second or more outage in the blockchain. It is worth noting that creating blocks takes place in rounds, each of which contains 21 blocks. This entails the necessity to select 21 unique users (producers) of blocks at the very beginning in each round. The way it works is that the 20 users with the most votes are automatically selected each round, and the last producer goes to that round in a proportional vote over other producers.

Where to buy EOS?

The EOS cryptocurrency is currently one of the most popular digital currencies and can be purchased on many global exchanges. It is usually available in exchange pairs for other cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum.

Below we present a list of digital currency exchange and trading platforms where buying EOS cryptocurrency is available. The list is done in terms of the highest trading volume: 

Binance (the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange), OKEx, Huobi, Bithumb, Bitfinex, Upbit, ZB.COM, HitBTC, TOPBTC, LBank, Bit-Z, BCEX, IDAX, Gate.io
Now you know where to buy EOS!

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