Will bitcoin surpass its ATH?

Will bitcoin surpass its ATH?


For the past few days, we have been seeing increases in the price of Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies. Today, however, the upward momentum on BTC stunned everyone strongly. This is certainly the result of capital inflows from the world’s largest mutual funds and SEC-approved ETFs for Bitcoin. Ether is also going up very strongly. We could even observe at times, in recent days, that it grew faster than Bitcoin. Does this mean that the market is discounting speculation about an ETF on Ethereum in advance? Who knows possibly yes. For us, the key question now is whether Bitcoin BTC will break through its ATH on days? In some countries and currencies this has already happened. In the case of the USD, in November the record price of BTC (ATH) reached $68,000. And this is what the Ethereum chart looks like at the moment.



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