Month: October 2020

intresting cryptocurrency

Investing in cryptocurrencies

A new way to invest capital – investing in cryptocurrencies If you are reading this article, you are probably wondering if investing in cryptocurrencies is a good idea. Mysterious-sounding cryptocurrencies are now on the lips of many investors looking for new ways to multiply their capital. They involve many concepts that did not exist in…
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bitcoin exchange bitflyer

Cooperation with bitFlyer

Beginning of cooperation with bitFlyer – European bitcoin exchange and cryptocurrency exchange We are pleased to announce that in February this year we started cooperation with the bitFlyer cryptocurrency exchange. bitFlyer is currently one of the most dynamically developing platforms for trading and exchanging digital currencies. It was established in Japan in 2014. Since 2017,…
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where to buy bitcoin btc

Bitcoin exchange or cryptocurrency exchange – where to buy Bitcoin?

Buying bitcoin these days is very simple. Anyone interested can do it at any time, allocating selected funds for it. In the case of cryptocurrencies (in particular bitcoin), we have two basic shopping options: exchange office and cryptocurrency exchange. So it is worth considering which of them will be more beneficial for beginners, and which…
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The pandemic and cryptocurrencies

The last days, weeks and months have been very difficult for us. Due to the pandemic, many entrepreneurs and workers had to suspend their work. The global lockdown overflowing the world had a negative impact on the continuity of supplies around the world. In this way, many branches of the economies of the States of…
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bitcoin price charts

Will Bitcoin’s price hit historic highs in 2020?

We recently wrote about how the global pandemic affected the valuation of cryptocurrency projects. Today we will take a closer look at the current exchange rate of the first Bitcoin cryptocurrency. Despite the long-awaited and announced bitcoin halving – after its occurrence on May 11 – the rate did not actually move. Why? It’s hard…
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