Month: May 2020


The best cryptocurrencies – rankings

New rating – the best cryptocurrencies 2023 and 2024 Curious about the best cryptocurrencies? You often ask us the question “what are the best cryptocurrencies?”. To answer to this question we present you the latest rankings of the best cryptocurrencies in 2023 and 2024. They are based on reports prepared by Center for Information Industry…
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Bitcoin exchange without commission!

Can the bitcoin exchange be without commission? It turns out that yes. At least such a plan has the founder of the well-known company Uber Oscar Salazar. Voyager, because this is the name of this cryptocurrency exchange, it is to be a platform for commission-free cryptocurrency exchange. There will be 15 electronic currencies in circulation.…
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coinbase cryptocurrency exchange

Coinbase cryptocurrency exchange will be taken over by Facebook?

Coinbase cryptocurrency exchange acquired by Facebook? For several weeks, various media information and speculation about the possibility of taking over one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges – Coinbase by Facebook’s social monopolist have appeared. While recently Facebook has not been favorably disposed to electronic currencies, in recent days something has probably shaken. Facebook initially talked…
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buying bitcoin

What is Bitcoin?

What is Bitcoin? Looking for the answer to the question what is Bitcoin (BTC)? In the previous article we explained to you what cryptocurrency is. Today we will answer the question “what is Bitcoin?”.The shortest and easiest answer to this question – Bitcoin is simply the first encrypted electronic currency. The first information describing the…
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intresting cryptocurrency

What is cryptocurrency?

Wondering what a cryptocurrency is? Many of you have heard this concept but you really would like to understand what cryptocurrency is? Cryptocurrency is simply an encrypted electronic currency (also known as digital currency, cryptographic currency or virtual coin). Digital currencies are a distributed cryptographic system that stores information about the number of units of…
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