Month: March 2024

How to Avoid Falling Victim to Cryptocurrency Scams

How to Avoid Falling Victim to Cryptocurrency Scams?

In recent days and weeks, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have been experiencing dynamic increases in value. This has led to a growing interest in these assets. There is also an increase in the activity of scammers trying to easily earn money by exploiting the naivety and desire for profit of those investing in cryptocurrencies. In…
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Quantum computing. Is it another bubble or the real future of investment?

The quantum age. It sounds like a science-fiction title, but it’s much closer to reality than most of us might think. Quantum computers represent new horizons of science, an area of innovation that attracts investors like an ignition magnet. On the one hand, we have visionaries, people who see quantum technology as the path to…
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What are NFT tokens?

What is an NFT token and how does it work? NFT tokens (Non-Fungible Tokens) are a type of digital asset that allows owners to uniquely identify and track their ownership on the blockchain. NFT tokens are unique and indivisible, which means that they cannot be divided into smaller parts, like regular cryptocurrency tokens, which are…
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