Month: October 2022


How to Start Using Bitcoin in Your Business?

Various brands and companies around the world intend to start using Bitcoin for transactions and operations. Although Bitcoin’s value remains volatile, more and more people are becoming interested in its benefits. So if you are a business owner, you may want to start using this digital currency in your enterprise. Here’s how you can do…
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bitcoin investments

Responsible ways to invest in bitcoin

Bitcoin has sparked an investment revolution, offering numerous opportunities for institutional and individual investors to make money. Unlike traditional assets, Bitcoin is a virtual investment with greater resistance to inflationary risks. Therefore, it offers investors a better way to diversify and protect their wealth from inflation. Even as Bitcoin grows in popularity around the world,…
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Cryptocurrencies: chances of passing a bill in the US are dwindling

The chances of the U.S. Congress passing a major cryptocurrency bill by the end of this year are diminishing. Several high-profile, multi-party bills that once seemed to have a good chance of passing before the end of 2022 are now on hold, with Congressional committees postponing important votes. And now that MPs are focused solely…
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