Month: July 2022


Why do crypto millionaires shun certain altcoins?

Crypto millionaires are a unique group of investors and traders who have achieved gigantic returns through their strategy of buying and selling digital currency. While there is still caution in the investor world when it comes to such a volatile and risky asset, there is no shortage of eager traders who choose to trust the…
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bitcoin- cryptocurrency-news

News – beginning July 2022

The most important news and interesting facts from the world of cryptocurrencies – beginning July 2022 Recent days, weeks and months have not been very good for cryptocurrency investors. Bearish sentiment and declines have dominated for quite some time. However, the world of blockchain and encrypted electronic currencies is still alive. Below you will find…
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How to start buying cryptocurrencies

How to start buying cryptocurrencies?

Cryptocurrencies – how to start buying? If you are a beginner and a potential investor in cryptocurrencies you certainly want to know how to start buying cryptocurrencies. What to look for when choosing the right project or exchange? However, taking the first steps is much simpler than it seems. Today we will try to introduce…
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cryptocurrency bear market

The beginning of a bear market in the cryptocurrency market

The last days, weeks and months are not good for cryptocurrency investors. We have been observing declines in the broad market for a long time. This applies to both the most popular cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin or Ripple. The bear market also applies to the most popular tokens, such as Enjin Coin or…
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