News – beginning July 2022

News – beginning July 2022

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The most important news and interesting facts from the world of cryptocurrencies – beginning July 2022

Recent days, weeks and months have not been very good for cryptocurrency investors. Bearish sentiment and declines have dominated for quite some time. However, the world of blockchain and encrypted electronic currencies is still alive. Below you will find some, in our opinion, of the most interesting events, news and tidbits from the recent period.

  • We are observing one of the worst quarters in Bitcoin’s history. It has been experiencing declines for several months, and since the beginning of April it has already lost around 60%
  • Russia exempts cryptocurrency issuers from VAT. Thus, it shows its pro-crypto attitude. However, tax thresholds of 13 and 15% have been introduced at the same time for those generating revenue from this market.
  • The European Union wants to track cryptocurrency transactions just as it can track bank transfers. The new regulations mandate that entities enabling the transfers track the transactions and make them available to the relevant services if money laundering or terrorist financing is suspected.
  • The SEC – U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission considers bitcoin a commodity;
  • The head of Ripple announces that if it loses its lawsuit against the SEC it will definitely leave the US;
  • Hackers and activists from the group Anonymous have decided to take on the topic of the collapse of the Terra Luna ecosystem, specifically its founder Do Kwon. Their goal will be to investigate Do Kwon’s past and prove the evil intentions behind the project because it has led to the loss of money for many investors around the world.
  • MicroStrategy and Salvador are buying up more Bitcoins. MicroStrategy has officially announced the redemption of some 480 BTCs while El Salvador’s President Nayib Bukele gave an update on the redemption of another 80 Bitcoins.
  • A recent survey showed that more than 51% of Latin American consumers have made at least one transaction using. As many as 33% of them used stablecoins to make daily purchases. This shows how high the adoption in daily use of cryptocurrencies is within Latin America.

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