The largest Bitcoin exchanges in the world

The largest Bitcoin exchanges in the world

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In 2009, no one expected that the project of a decentralized money network, the idea of ​​Satoshi Nakamoto, based on the then unknown blockchain technology, would become a revolution in the world of finance, and the creator, unknown until today, would start a kind of economic revolution and change the perception of modern payments forever. Therefore, it is worth taking a look at the largest bitcoin exchange currently operating and see what functions they offer to their users.

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Due to the enormous level of anonymity provided by bitcoin; Over the years, from the beginning of the functioning of cryptocurrencies, there have been exchanges that often robbed users investing in them after some time. The fact that legal regulations in countries around the world made it difficult to use money due to tax uncertainty and the legality of the entire enterprise did not help either.

Fortunately, most of the regulations have finally been normalized and today using cryptocurrencies is much easier than it was a few years ago. Functioning exchanges provide more and more professional services, and users continue to mint the current price for one virtual coin.

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The world’s largest exchanges by volume

The easiest way to determine which exchanges are currently the largest is to take into account their total volume in relation to all transactions that are made by people at the market. Thanks to this, it is quite easy to tell almost immediately who should be placed highest in the hierarchy.

1 – Binance – Current Value – $ 12 Billion

An absolute giant, the size of which now exceeds all other major bitcoin exchanges in terms of daily trading. Binance was founded by Chinese associates Changpeng Zhao and Yi He, which officially opened in September 2017.

The exchange offers users support seven days a week, 24 hours a day. It also has a full-fledged interface in Polish. According to official data, the stock exchange reports that about a million transactions are carried out in it per second.

2 – Huobi – Present Value – $ 5 billion

Another Chinese stock exchange established in 2013 in Singapore. The platform’s website is famous for its extremely detailed registration before gaining access to the platform, requiring very personal data to prove the user’s identity.

After all, the systems of running the stock exchange are extremely strict, as this has never been hit by any hacker attack. It can be considered the best when it comes to the security of their money, however, users pay for it with the loss of any anonymity.

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3 – Coinbase Pro – Current Value – $ 2.5 Billion

The next largest stock exchange from the United States, founded by Fred Ehrsam and Beian Armstrong, has much less than its predecessor. Its market experience is exceptionally long, as it is already 8 years old since its inception in 2012.

The exchange offers users, for example, an attractive referral system that awards a certain amount of bitcoins for signing up from a specially generated link.

4 – OKEx – Present Value – $ 2 Billion

The penultimate stock exchange established in the Seychelles in 2014. The stock exchange in its offer can be distinguished by, for example, access to traiding with financial leverage, which allows to increase revenues for more experienced investors.

5 – Kraken – Present value – $ 1 billion

Another stock exchange from America has slightly less turnover, but still close to its competitor. The platform is currently the oldest of the aforementioned global bitcoin exchanges as its foundation date is sometime in mid-2011.

Kraken is famous for its extensive offer of even very exotic bitcoin-inspired cryptocurrencies. The handling can be familiar to many users as the charting integration comes from TradingView. In addition, it is used as a source of updated currency rates for the popular Bloomberg website.

The volume trades of the largest bitcoin exchanges are constantly changing. It is not known who will occupy the present positions in the next few months (perhaps it will even be the Polish bitcoin exchange (, contrary to appearances, exchanges from our country also have high revenues). The market is still very dynamic and uncertain, and there are probably many more revolutions ahead of it before greater stabilization.



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