BitBay is growing in strength!

BitBay is growing in strength!

new crypto at bitbay

The BitBay exchange is expanding the amount of available cryptocurrencies

The largest european digital currency exchange, BitBay, currently offers 27 cryptocurrencies, the capitalization of which, according to Coinmarketcap, is in the top 100 of all cryptocurrencies available on the market.
Here is the listing:
1. Bitcoin
2. Ethereum
3. Lisk
4. Litecoin
5. Tether
6. Game
7. Dash
8. Bitcoin Cash
9. Bitcoin Gold
10. Infinity Economics
11. Ripple
12. Zcash
13. Golem
14. Omisego
15. BasicĀ Attention Token
16. Augur V2
17. Neumark
18. The throne
19. Amlt
20. Experty
21. Bobs Repair
21. Lisk Machine Learning
21. Bitcoin SV
23. Blockchain Poland
24. Stellar
25. Algory
26. Chainlink
27. Maker

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New cryptocurrencies on BitBay

new crypto at bitbay

A few days ago, BitBay praised on social media that from 03/29/2021 it was introducing an additional 12 cryptocurrencies. It will happen because these are interesting and developing projects that, as of the day of writing this article, are in the top 70 of the marketcap.

The new cryptocurrencies available on BitBay are:

1. Polkadot
2. Uniswap
3. Aave
4. Terra
5. EOS
7. Tezos
8. Maker
9. SushiSwap
10. Decentraland
11. Compound
12. The Graph

The constant development of the BitBay exchange and another important cooperation

A dozen or so days ago, BitBay boasted about another cooperation. This time with the innovative Swiss bank SEBA Bank. This bank has been implementing, using and investing in blockchain, cryptocurrencies and has its own token based on the ERC20 protocol for many years. Although it is a young entity, it definitely has interesting ideas for banking services and combining them with innovative tools such as cryptocurrencies. The main goal of SEBA Bank is to introduce a new, fully secure, digital financial ecosystem in the modern world. Certainly, this cooperation will benefit both sides.

cooperation with seba bank

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