Will crypto aid the Ukrainian Humanitarian support, and will the creative way of support unleash a new way commodities are traded, let’s find out

Will crypto aid the Ukrainian Humanitarian support, and will the creative way of support unleash a new way commodities are traded, let’s find out


Information obtained in trust through private channels indicates that a group of investors, including major metal companies and a world-renowned space engineering firm, are creating an alternative commodity trading platform that is in the first phase of its existence and will offer contracting and physical deliveries of carbon steel. The pilot program aims to trade steel goods with Ukraine, and the program will aid the humanitarian relief efforts for the citizens of Ukraine. As far as we know, an ERC20 Token named cMetal will be created and used to access the platform. Detailed information of how exactly it will work remains unknown at this moment in time, however, some of the information obtained suggests that the token value will serve to secure transactions between parties, whilst settlement of the contract can then be made in other cryptocurrencies or convectional Fiat payments through SWIFT, most likely using a new layer of on-chain and off-chain information provided by Chainlink.


We also uncovered an NFT collection that has an unusual though very creative solution to raise funds to support the Ukrainian forces. The NFTs will be auctioned off, that in itself is not unusual, however, each NFT will represent a living and breathing soul, a fighting soldier, as well as the equipment that the soldier has available to use. Equally interesting is that the company is planning to create a website for all the NFTs to be displayed, and each NFT will include details about the soldiers themselves. This unusual but amazing part is that each NFT Soldier will be able to receive support from anyone and all value transferred to the NFT is automatically passed on to a non-profit foundation, Come Back Alive, to support the individual. Arguably the best part is that the individual donating funds can choose what equipment the soldier should be supplied with, which will create a very powerful bond between the donor and the fighter. Come Back Alive is a widely known foundation, having been featured in Fortune, the Los Angeles Times, Forbes, Bloomberg and many more, and has been operating since the 2014 Russian invasion and Russia’s annexation of the Crimean Peninsula. The foundation has passed on more than $110 million in the form of protective and reconnaissance equipment, food supplies, safety, and communication terminals since its inception. The NFT creation could constitute a game changer in the way money is donated and passed on directly to the individual.


Discussing this idea with a major cryptocurrency angel investor, we uncovered some additional information. The platform creators’ target is not only the steel trade but rather a range of commodities and services, including insurance, health coverage, logistic services, food, and banking services. From our analysis, it looks like a very powerful trading player will be joining the crypto scene, will be fallowing cMetal and it’s creators and report on project development.

Maria Lefebvre – lefebvre.maria83@yahoo.com


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