Latest news and events from the world of cryptocurrencies November 2022

Latest news and events from the world of cryptocurrencies November 2022

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In recent days, Bitcoin’s price has been bouncing off the bottom and has reached $21400 apiece. Although poor consolation for those who bought Bitcoin in recent weeks or months (unless at $18000-19000 then they have a slight upside). The slight recovery is quite surprising especially for the further tightening of monetary policy by the Federal Reserve and Bank of England, which have been raising interest rates recently.

Other highlights of October and November:

  • One of South Africa’s largest supermarket chains accepts cryptocurrency payments. The Pick n Pay chain in question has made this form of payment available in 39 stores;
    researchers examined the tokens found on the Uniswap exchange and concluded that 98% of them are related to scams;
  • Instagram is entering into a partnership with the Polygon (MATIC) project;
  • Korean media claim that the creator of the LUNC project commissioned token price manipulation. The information is said to have come from the Korean prosecutor’s office.
  • Revolut makes cryptocurrency payments available for all debit cards;
  • Well-known trader and market educator Trader 21 pointed to Polygon (MATIC) as a project that he believes has high utility.
    In our opinion, these are some of the most interesting cryptocurrency and blockchain developments of recent days. We will bring you more soon.

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