Buying Ethereum

Where to buy Ethereum? Buying Ethereum for pounds, euro or dollars step by step!

Buying Ethereum

Are you interested in buying Ethereum but you don’t know how to go about it and how to start?

You don’t know where to buy Ethereum?

One of the most important cryptocurrencies that you should consider buying at the very beginning is Ethereum. Before we get to the information where to buy ethereum we will give you some information about this digital currency. Its creator is Vitalij Buterin, a Russian programmer who previously worked on the first cryptocurrency – Bitcoin. Ethereum was launched in 2013. Purchase of Ethereum (ETH) was possible through public issue. Currently, you can also obtain these coins by “lending” the computing power of your computer to process blockchain networks as well as simply buy on the cryptocurrency market. Just enter the button below and register a free account on the largest european cryptocurrency exchange:

Buy ether for pounds GBP
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More information about Ether (ETH)

To be more precise, Ethereum is a blockchain platform and network in which 1 Ether is the payment unit. It is very often used by developers who use it to pay for services. For example, there are many other cryptocurrencies in the Ethereum network that can be exchanged for ETH. It is also possible to create applications and conclude so-called smart contracts. Ethereum is currently at the forefront of many of the best cryptocurrency rankings.

Buying Ethereum in May 2018 was possible at a price of $ 600-700 per unit where at the turn of 2017/2018 it was up to $ 1,400. Capitalization in May 2018 exceeded $ 62 billion, which made it the second-largest cryptocurrency in the world. It is worth noting that Ethereum cryptocurrency has long been in second place in the Chinese official ranking of the most interesting and best cryptocurrencies

where to buy ethereum for pounds GBP
buying ethereum

Why should you consider buying Ethereum?

Ethereum is a very important means of payment on international cryptocurrency exchanges. On the cryptocurrency exchange, Binance Ethereum can be exchanged for several hundred different cryptocurrencies. So any aspiring investor should consider buying Ethereum (ETH) just for that reason. More and more different projects are using side chains (sidechain) to create their own cryptocurrency tokens, e.g. ERC-20. This makes it a solution that has normal utility applications which cannot be said for many other cryptocurrency ventures.

This digital currency also faces various problems. One of them is the growing size of blockchain networks supporting this cryptocurrency and the transactions contained therein. Therefore, technological corrections or increasing computing power are needed to make transactions not slower than before.

We will not describe the technical specifications of this blockchain network and electronic currency here in more detail. However, to sum up, we think that buying Ethereum can be considered immediately in the first steps on the cryptocurrency exchanges.

Where else can you buy Ethereum?

Buying Ethereum is possible on many different electronic currency trading platforms, below is a list of the largest or most popular international cryptocurrency exchanges:


Cryptopia (New Zealand cryptocurrency exchange)

Bitfinex (where to buy ethereum for dollars (USD))





HitBTC (cryptocurrency / Bitcoin exchange from Hong Kong)



bitFlyer (electronic currency trading platform in Japan)


Kraken (US Bitcoin Exchange)



Coinbase (buying Ethereum for dollars)


As you can see, buying ether is not as difficult as it may seem at first. If you are interested in this topic, please register your account on one of the cryptocurrency exchanges. It is worth noting that for many months Ethereum has been in the lead (1-3 place) in the rankings of the best cryptocurrencies. Unfortunately, this cannot be said for the first Bitcoin cryptocurrency. Although he is still the most popular on the market and his price is still rising. Don’t know where to buy bitcoin? We invite you to read this article. From it you will learn everything about it.