What can You buy with Bitcoin?

What can you buy with Bitcoin? The number of products for which we will pay with cryptocurrencies is still constant.
The next maximum years may be before the sudden popularization of cryptocurrencies, in particular Bitcoin. Already now the number of people interested in virtual money is systematically growing and who knows whether in a decade this type of payment will not be treated in the same way as classic money. This can be evidenced by the fact that the list of companies accepting the settlement of the cryptocurrency account for services or products permanently. What can you buy for BTC today? Check it out!

what can you buy with bitcoin?

Current Bitcoin rate

At the end of 2020, the Bitcoin price reached a record level for itself. In November, you had to pay up to $ 19,000 for one such virtual coin. The world’s most famous cryptocurrency is growing in strength. Even if its prices drop in a few months (this is what experts predict that the first half of 2021 will be a period of building a speculative bubble around BTC, followed by a temporary market collapse), it is hard to expect that it will suddenly become worthless. Especially since Bitcoin turned out to be the so-called a safe haven for many people looking for a way to protect their cash during a pandemic. There are many indications that BTC and other cryptocurrencies will play an increasingly important role in our daily lives. Already today, they can be used to purchase many products and services. Importantly – also in Europe.

How has the value of Bitcoin changed?

Bitcoin has been around for over ten years and since then its value has increased significantly. In 2010, BTC cost as much as a popular wafer drenched in dark chocolate. Five years later, the price of one virtual coin was equal to the expense that tourists incur when buying a weekly all-inclusive holiday, e.g. in Greece or Bulgaria. Today, Bitcoin can buy a new car from the showroom. The value of the cryptocurrency from Satoshi Nakamoto, despite several crises, is systematically increasing, and this makes the asset become interested in more and more powerful companies that not only want to invest in BTC, but also buy it for the services they provide as often as possible. Assuming that the development of Bitcoin will be as harmonious as it has been so far, within a few years it will begin to play a really important role in our everyday lives.

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What can you buy for Bitcoin today?

Contrary to appearances, quite a lot. In the world, the list of services that can be paid for with Bitcoin is really long. In individual countries, we will regulate the fee, e.g. for airline tickets or private medical services. Increasingly, you can also meet hotels and restaurants that accept BTC payments. In Dubai, there is an option to buy your own apartment this way, and in Hungary, one of the distilleries offers renting its headquarters for Bitcoin. The sports industry is also not deaf to the growing popularity of cryptocurrencies. The Benfica football club from Lisbon has also become convinced of the virtual coins and has already started accepting cryptocurrency payments in its official fan gadget store some time ago. Increasingly, Bitcoins can also be paid in all kinds of online stores, ranging from those offering clothing, to the furniture industry.

What is the situation in Europe?

Are Bitcoin payments in Europe also gaining in popularity? It turns out that it is. Some time ago, a report appeared in which as many as 10 percent of the population of our country declared they had at least one virtual coin. It is difficult to say whether this is true, but it cannot be denied that the number of companies accepting payments, e.g. in BTC, is constantly growing. In Europe, especially in the largest cities, there are already restaurants where we can easily settle the bill for the order using cryptographic currencies. The same is true in the hotel industry. Moreover, before the pandemic, there were even advertisements for private seaside accommodations accepting cryptocurrency payments. In addition, there is a taxi in Warsaw, in which we will pay for our trip only with Bitcoin. As you can see Рthis list is quite extensive and is constantly expanding! You can also pay for accommodation for workers. 

Where to look for companies that accept cryptocurrency payments?

It is best to search for this type of business on the Internet. A special map was created, on which companies accepting payments in cryptographic currencies are marked. It contains information about such places from all over the world, including Europe. Are you in London and you are looking for e.g. a restaurant where you will settle your bill with BTC? Nothing simpler – you open the map on your smartphone and all information is literally at your fingertips.

Can anything harm the development of cryptocurrencies?

The health of Bitcoin and other popular cryptocurrencies doesn’t have to last forever. It must be remembered that these assets are still young and have a firmly established position. The process of their complete acceptance in individual countries is progressing, but it is not even and, what is worse, it is exposed to slowdown. It is difficult to predict, especially in the age of a pandemic, what the future of virtual coins actually awaits and whether their value will suddenly drop when the cryptocurrency market suddenly crashes. This one is not excluded. It is enough for one of the countries with a strong and influential economy to significantly limit the use of such measures by the legal directives introduced. So far, there is no indication of this, which does not mean that such a scenario is not impossible. It is worth remembering this before deciding to massively purchase cryptocurrencies for your own. On the one hand, they offer a lot of opportunities and are generally considered a melody of the near future, but on the other hand, investing in them is still burdened with considerable risk.


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