Where to buy Bitcoin (BTC) in UK for pounds?

Want to find out where to buy Bitcoin (BTC) for pounds (GBP), US dollars or euros?

Wondering where to buy Bitcoin (BTC)? There are several options available to you including bitcoin exchanges and cryptocurrency exchanges. Bitcoin’s popularity isn’t waning and the number of places enabling purchase it is growing every year. Do you want to buy bitcoin but you worry that you lack the right information to complete a safe and beneficial transaction? In this article we present where to buy bitcoin.

Bitcoin can be purchased primarily online, on a cryptocurrency exchange. Currently there are hundreds of cryptocurrency exchanges on the market with a rich and varied offer. In addition to Bitcoin, you will find there a wide variety of altcoins such as Lisk, LiteCoin, and Ethereum. If You want to know more about where can You buy Bitcoin read our article below. If You want to buy Bitcoin right know You can register free account at Zonda cryptocurrency exchange. Just click button.


Other places where you can buy Bitcoin

Bitcoin can also be bought at a cryptocurrency exchange office. However, stricter guidelines from regulators have made it necessary to provide personal information when buying Bitcoin at exchange office today. As a result, we can no longer find a place online where we can buy Bitcoin anonymously. We can buy Bitcoin from middlemen and directly from other users who have this currency in their wallets. Where to buy Bitcoins with cash? If we are interested in a physical method of purchasing Bitcoin, we can purchase the it at a special Bitcoin ATM. 

Additional information

When considering where to buy Bitcoin, one should pay special attention to the country the owner of the platform is registered in, and what regulatory entities they are subject to. Although the cryptocurrency market is getting tighter every year, it is still not evenly regulated.

Besides, it is important that an exchange or an office meets the requirements related to legal, financial and operational security, as well as KYC and AML regulations. The operator’s website should provide connection encryption through HTTPS using TLS.  Two-factor verification is also important and it should have algorithms implemented to encrypt data transfer.

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Where to buy bitcoin? For the beginning.

Cryptocurrency exchanges differ in many ways. Of course, the biggest differences are in terms of fees and commissions. Another difference is the ability to buy coins for traditional FIAT currencies. There are also differences in terms of the time of funds transfer, the type of orders and liquidity of the exchange, the tools provided to investors. Significant differences also occur in the level of security provided or the quality of customer service.

Where to buy Bitcoin without worrying about your funds? Below we present 3 most popular cryptocurrency exchanges in Europe.

Zonda cryptocurrency exchange

Zonda is one of the most popular European cryptocurrency exchanges, which was established in 2014. Zonda offers pounds GBP, USD, EUR and among the FIAT currencies, and in addition to Bitcoin, a lot of more and less popular altcoins. The exchange has a policy against money laundering and terrorist financing. It guarantees users a safe and convenient exchange as well as deposit and withdrawal of currencies. The headquarters of the exchange is located in Estonia. Thus Zonda is a place where you can buy Bitcoin for dollars, euros and pounds. Sign up for a free account here or by clicking the button.


Binance exchange is the #1 cryptocurrency exchange in the world. The exchange was founded in 2017 and is based in Malta. It offers a clear interface, the highest level of security and a huge number of cryptocurrencies. Besides, it provides low commissions and highly liquid markets. If you are wondering where to buy bitcoin, be sure to check out Binance’s offer.


CoinBase is an exchange registered in San Francisco with more than 20 million unique users. The exchange received capital from the Spanish bank BBVA and the New York Stock Exchange. The entity was registered in 2012. Among the FIAT currencie, CoinBase offers only EUR. The exchange has anti-money laundering and anti-terrorist financing policies, as well as state-of-the-art encryption algorithms and trading security technologies. If you’re wondering where to buy bitcoin, check out the CoinBase exchange.

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Other exchanges where you can buy Bitcoin


The Spanish exchange CoinBene, founded in 2017, provides high volumes that guarantee significant trading liquidity. The broker offers a low commission of about 0.1% and provides efficient English support. CoinBene has 150 cryptocurrencies in its portfolio, including Bitcoin and the self-issued CONI token. Unfortunately, the exchange does not provide trading in FIAT currencies.


Kriptomat exchange is a Slovenian and Estonian licensed European cryptocurrency exchange. It was founded in 2018, it provides intuitive and convenient trading and, due to its simple interface, it’s recommended for people who are new to the world of cryptocurrencies. In addition to Bitcoin, the exchange offers the opportunity to buy and trade with a large variety of altcoins.


CoinDeal is a cryptocurrency exchange with a dynamic growth rate, founded in 2018. Its daily volumes currently exceed as much as $30 million, what places it among the top European cryptocurrency exchanges. Due to its low commissions, high liquidity, high security standards and efficient customer service, CoinDeal is another recommended place to buy Bitcoin.

Buying Bitcoin in a cryptocurrency exchange – how does an exchange differ from a cryptocurrency exchange office?

We can also purchase cryptocurrencies at a cryptocurrency exchange office. This is the fastest solution for buying Bitcoin, as it is not burdened with such a long process of registration and verification of the user account that we will encounter on cryptocurrency exchanges.

While we won’t currently buy Bitcoin anonymously at an exchange office without registering an account, it still provides greater simplicity and speed of transaction than a cryptocurrency exchange. All you have to do is specify what currency you want to buy Bitcoin for, check the minimum and maximum transaction value, and adjust the currency transfer method accordingly.
This works on the same principle as traditional currency exchange offices. Unfortunately, the cost of the simplicity and speed of operations in the exchange office is higher prices for cryptocurrencies. This is due to transaction commissions and the spread which is the main revenue of the exchange office owner.

Where to buy bitcoin? You can do it at an exchange office!

Among the most popular cryptocurrency exchange offices operating in our market are: Bitcantor, BuyCoinNow, 4coins, BitCan or Tokeneo. Each office offers a different range of FIAT currencies for exchanging to Bitcoin. The commission rates and the spread, which is the difference in the price of buying and selling the cryptocurrency, are also different.
When looking for an exchange office to buy Bitcoin, you should pay attention to its type and some key aspects which will determine the cost, speed and convenience of the transactions performed.
There are currently 2 types of offices on the market. The first are P2P (person to person) cryptocurrency exchange offices, where buying/selling transactions take place directly between exchange office users. The other group are online offices, where all buy/sell transactions are done directly with the service.


BuyCoinNow is a London-based exchange office with a branch in Wroclaw. The company provides multiple options for depositing funds and guarantees fast transfer rates. Although the platform does not provide the latest technological solutions to secure users’ accounts, it offers a wide possibility of exchanging BTC for FIAT currencies, such as USD, EUR, PLN or GBP.

Now you know where to buy Bitcoin (BTC) for pounds GBP, euros or dollars!

There are many services that allow you to buy bitcoin and altcoins. You can choose from cryptocurrency exchanges, exchange offices, and ATMs with varying transaction parameters. It’s up to you where you buy Bitcoin and which provider you decide on. We hope that with this article we have managed to bring you the most important information about where and how to buy Bitcoin for dollars, euros or pounds. Depending on the currency you are earning or holding in your accounts you may choose any of the above options. We wish you successful investments! Remember however, that investing in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies carries a high risk of losing all or part of your funds.