The Poloniex and Bittrex sales platforms add new cryptocurrencies

The Poloniex and Bittrex sales platforms add new cryptocurrencies

Despite the recent worse months, the cryptocurrency exchange market seems to continue to grow, and electronic currency trading and exchange platforms are expanding their offer. We recently reported that the Zonda exchange has introduced new cryptocurrencies. In recent days, the possibility of buying cryptocurrencies such as Basic Attention Token (BAT) and Loom (LOOM) was introduced by the Poloniex cryptocurrency exchange.

Especially the first one attracted our special attention because the idea differs significantly from the previous projects. Basic Attention Token and the Brave browser create the infrastructure for decentralized advertising markets. BAT aims to remove middlemen from advertising, creating an ecosystem where publishers and advertisers can reach their audience more efficiently and end-users have more control over their privacy and data.

In contrast, GoChain (GO) was introduced by the Bittrex cryptocurrency exchange. We wonder if, for example, whether this bitcoin exchange uses some marketing advice to choose the most appropriate projects.

Cryptocurrency exchange or bitcoin exchange?
Constant progress can be seen in the development of Bitcoin exchanges and cryptocurrency exchanges. The purchase of Bitcoin or the purchase of other encrypted electronic currencies is available for both Euro and USD or other cryptocurrencies. And just a few years ago, buying Bitcoin on the stock exchange was very difficult. Bitcoin exchanges were not as big as they are today. This shows how dynamic this market may develop in the future.


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