The largest Bitcoin exchanges in the world – 2022 ranking

Are you wondering which Bitcoin exchanges are the largest?

Many investors look for reliable information about the size and turnover of particular Bitcoin exchanges. That is why we decided to prepare for you a quick list of the world’s largest Bitcoin exchanges with their turnover. The ranking is based on data from

Why do investors choose the largest bitcoin exchanges or the largest cryptocurrency exchanges?

The answer is quite simple. The largest bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchanges provide greater certainty of stability and, above all, high liquidity and turnover. Sometimes you also ask us for a list of e.g. the best bitcoin exchanges or a ranking of bitcoin exchanges. It is unfortunately not that simple and objective. It is much easier and more objective to prepare such a list as this one, i.e. “the largest bitcoin exchanges” in terms of trading in traditional currencies and electronic currencies. Some time ago we also introduced you to the best cryptocurrency exchanges. You can now set up a free account on the European cryptocurrency exchange Zonda:


The largest Bitcoin exchange 2023 and 2024

The largest Bitcoin exchange in terms of classic trading is – Coinbene – a Chinese Bitcoin trading and exchange platform owned by CoinBene Limited Vanuatu. Currently, trading of the oldest electronic currency generates over USD 320 million of daily turnover!

Thus, the monthly turnover of this stock exchange may be as high as 10 billion dollars!

It is very interesting that on this exchange, Bitcoin accounts for almost 85% of the total turnover of all cryptocurrencies. The total cryptocurrency trading volume on Coinbene is “just” 380 million dollars. This platform is currently used by over 5 million users around the world. They generate around 1 million transactions daily! The exchange itself is equipped with high-class security and performance solutions. One of the largest Bitcoin exchange 2023 and 2024 was Binance. You can create free acount by clicking this button:

largest bitcoin exchange

The second largest Bitcoin exchange – EXX

China’s largest cryptocurrency exchange EXX boasts the second-largest turnover of the first Bitcoin cryptocurrency. It is managed by EXX Group Limited. The daily turnover is estimated at around $ 220 million. The total value of e-currency trading on this exchange exceeds $ 300 million.

It has good quality security and provides support services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Thanks to this, it has gained the trust of millions of traders around the world.

The third largest cryptocurrency exchange

OKEx – this is the name of the third publicly available Bitcoin exchange in our ranking, where the equivalent of Bitcoin sell / buy transactions is almost $ 170 million per day.
So, on average, on this Bitcoin exchange and trading platform, $ 5 billion change its owners per month! Interestingly, this cryptocurrency exchange significantly exceeds the Coinbene or EXX exchanges in its turnover. The value of daily trading in electronic currencies exceeds USD 600 million.

The next ones in our ranking are:

Fourth – Bibox – the daily Bitcoin turnover on this one is on average around 150 million dollars. It is worth noting that the Bibox platform is very young and has only been in existence since 2017. The total value of daily cryptocurrency trading on this exchange exceeds $ 360 million. Bibox comes from and is registered in Estonia. Of course, the biggest and best bitcoin exchanges are places where you can buy Ether, Litecoin, EOS, XRP or NEO or Lisk or Tron. They have high-class online applications and IT solutions. The IT contracts of this exchange are said to be of very large amounts.

biggest bitcoin exchange
the biggest cryptocurrency exchange

Other major cryptocurrency exchanges

Fifth the largest Bitcoin exchange in order of trading volume is OEX. The Asian cryptocurrency exchange boasts a daily turnover of over $ 160 million, of which over 130 million are accounted for Bitcoin sale-buy transactions.
Sixth place was taken by the Binance exchange. A very popular international digital currency exchange, where the total daily turnover of cryptocurrencies exceeds 700 million dollars. Its share of Bitcoin sell / buy transactions is relatively small and amounts to $ 120 million.

Although this exchange has only been in existence for less than 3 years, it has already gained millions of users around the world. It boasts over 1 billion daily turnover and over 1 million transactions per second! It is definitely impressive! It provides user support services 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.
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It is worth paying attention to the possibility of buying Bitcoin in the form of futures contracts with a lever, i.e. derivatives. The largest Bitcoin exchange of this type in the world is currently BitMEX, where daily Bitcoin sell-buy transactions reach $ 1 billion!

The largest Bitcoin exchanges and the largest cryptocurrency exchanges – full ranking

Below is a complete ranking of the largest Bitcoin exchanges and the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. The summary can be found on
The largest Bitcoin exchanges – full ranking presenting the largest bitcoin exchanges
Positioning is based on the turnover. We also encourage you to read the new article presenting the ranking of the best cryptocurrencies 2019.

Ranking of bitcoin exchanges – 2023 and 2024

The above ranking of bitcoin exchanges was constructed mainly from the point of view of trading on individual exchanges. It measured the turnover of traditional currencies in relation to the turnover of the oldest cryptocurrency – Bitcoin.

Rankings of bitcoin exchanges can be prepared in many different ways. You can look at the number of users and the number of transactions performed. Bitcoin exchanges are evolving and certainly such a ranking will not be exactly the same every year. However, it can be assumed with a high degree of probability, that it will not be subject to very large fluctuations.

New, big players with large wallets often appear on individual platforms. It is they who can mix up and turn such combinations upside down with a few transactions. The same is the case with institutional players. I wonder if and when the largest producers of electronic equipment, e.g. smartphones and other consumer goods, will keep up with this technology and start implementing it in their products. Maybe one of the pioneers will be the 

The latest ranking of Bitcoin exchanges

Currently, the above list is our most recent of all bitcoin exchanges rankings. Some time ago we published the ranking of cryptocurrency exchanges in a slightly different way. We encourage you to view our cryptocurrency news, where you will find this type of information and statements. We are constantly trying to publish some interesting information and useful articles, both for beginner investors and advanced traders. All this makes that our website is visited and read by more and more users, and we would like to thank you for it.
As for the aforementioned ranking of bitcoin exchanges for 2021, we will try to prepare it in the first quarter of this year. We will wait for the developments on the markets and stock exchanges. Then it will be easier to assess what has changed and what impact it had on individual platforms. Follow us on a regular basis!
Remember though, that investing in cryptocurrencies is associated with a high or even very high risk of losing all or part of your capital. Investments in cryptocurrencies often lack any security in the form of supervision of financial institutions. That is why it is so important that you make all decisions consciously.
We often ask ourselves how the further development of global cryptocurrency exchanges will develop. Will the number of users and transactions continue to grow? Will there be options for trading and exchanging other goods, from the classic ones, such as oil, gold, silver or platinum, to the rarer ones, but often also constituting investment products, such as the best and oldest alcohols from around the world? Then it would be possible to legally replace, for example, 1 Ether for 1 liter of whiskey or other high-class liquor, such as rum from Caribbean countries or rare, old wine.
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