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Visual Inspiration for Marketing

In today’s digital age, where visual content dominates the online landscape, stock photos have become an integral part of marketing campaigns. These readily available and affordable images offer businesses a convenient way to enhance their branding efforts, engage their target audience, and create visually appealing content. This article explores the significance of stock photos in marketing, delving…
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What is Arbitrage?

It refers to the process of buying cryptocurrencies on one exchange at a low price and selling them on another exchange at a higher price. This is possible because different exchanges usually have different prices for the same cryptocurrency. This process is possible because of the way cryptocurrencies are priced. Remember that the cryptocurrency price…
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Sylwester Suszek, creator of cryptocurrency exchange BitBay (Zonda), is missing.

Some time ago Sylwester Suszek, the creator of the BitBay (now Zonda Global) cryptocurrency exchange, went missing. There has been no contact with him since March. The case is being handled by the police, but so far it has not been possible to determine what might be going on with the “Polish Bitcoin king,” as…
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Happy Easter!

Happy, peaceful and joyful Easter for you and your families. Rest with your loved ones.