Is this the end of the boom on cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin?

Is this the end of the boom on cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin?

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Is this the end of the boom on cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin?

The last hours and 2-3 days were not happy for cryptocurrency investors, of course, mainly Bitcoin. Of course, many of them made profits by selling their cryptocurrencies. But what are people who have just recently bought Bitcoin or other digital currencies to think? These people certainly feel a lot of stress and ask themselves whether this is the end of the boom on cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin? Of course, no one knows the answer to this question. So am I. However, looking coolly at the situation, it seems that this is only a stronger correction and profit-taking by some investors. There are several arguments in favor of this scenario.

First of all, the current increases, although impressive, are shorter than during the previous bull market.

Secondly. The awareness of this technology and its advantages is much greater around the world than 3 years ago, so the demand for it should also be greater.

Thirdly. We are dealing with the global creation of virtual money and classic banknotes on a scale that has not been recorded so far. This will cause a lot of inflation through the depreciation of individual currencies. We should start to observe a really higher inflation with the beginning of spring and the calming down of the epidemic. This can cause a bull market and a bubble in the stock market and cryptocurrencies. These three arguments indicate that the current declines are only a deeper correction that would eventually have to happen after such strong gains. For many investors, this will be a chance to sell and then buy back cheaper. Of course, the cryptocurrency market can be very unstable and unstable, so it’s hard to predict what will happen. In my subjective opinion, after the correction, we will return to the increases. Maybe not so dynamic, but still. If I were to predict when this boom will end, I would rather bet around March-April. However, these are just my thoughts and do not have to work. Each of you must make your own decisions, accepting the risks involved. I hope and wish you further increases in the value of selected cryptocurrencies to buy and big profits!


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