European or global bitcoin exchange?

European or global bitcoin exchange?

british/uk cryptocurrency exchange

Do you want to invest your savings but you are not convinced whether to choose a european or global cryptocurrency exchange?

Do you doubt which cryptocurrency exchange is the best?

The following article aims to introduce you to the best European and global cryptocurrency exchanges and help you make a choice on where to place your money and cryptocurrencies. To date, there have been many cryptocurrency exchanges (the name Bitcoin exchange is also used interchangeably since the first and most popular cryptocurrency) around the world. Unfortunately, several of them no longer exist. Therefore, before we transfer our money, it is worth considering the stability, security and liquidity of a given stock exchange. Several exchanges have already suffered hacker attacks that caused great losses to investors. One of the largest world cryptocurrency exchanges – Binance – suffered an attack. However, we managed to secure most of the clients’ funds and cover losses that were the result of an attack from the inside.

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Currently, the largest and best global cryptocurrency and bitcoin exchanges are:


The Binance exchange offers the largest selection of cryptocurrency purchases, however, it is not possible to pay for digital currencies with traditional currencies. If you want to set up and test a free account on this exchange, register here. An interesting alternative may be the Bitfinex exchange, which allows you to pay in dollars for cryptocurrencies. The other listed global cryptocurrency exchanges are among the largest and most liquid in the world, which is also a big advantage. There are several foreign (international) digital currency exchanges, e.g. HitBTC, Bithumb or Bit-Z. Unfortunately, some of these exchanges do not even offer payments in US dollars. Therefore, among the theoretically large selection, we have several exchanges left. In our opinion, it is easiest to use the European cryptocurrency exchange first and then the purchased cryptocurrencies, e.g. Ethereum, transfer to an account on the Binance exchange, where we will be able to stock up on many other electronic currencies.

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Other bitcoin exchanges in Europe

Below is a list of European cryptocurrency exchanges that serve customers in English and enable cryptocurrency purchases for pounds:
Zonda Crypto – the largest European cryptocurrency exchange
bitFly – one of the largest and fastest stock exchanges
As you can see, there is also plenty to choose from among European cryptocurrency exchanges. However, looking objectively, BitBay is currently the most developed, which offers the purchase of up to 8 cryptocurrencies for GBP. For other European exchanges, this choice is much smaller and boils down to 2-3 cryptocurrencies. However, if someone carries the intention of further exchanging purchased popular cryptocurrencies then such a small selection will not be of key importance. In terms of liquidity and turnover, it is definitely run by the most popular European cryptocurrency exchange – BitBay. 

It also depends on whether you are interested in buying Bitcoin, buying Lisk or maybe buying other cryptocurrencies.

If you want to start your adventure with investments in encrypted electronic currencies, create a free account and try your hand!



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