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The pandemic and cryptocurrencies

The last days, weeks and months have been very difficult for us. Due to the pandemic, many entrepreneurs and workers had to suspend their work. The global lockdown overflowing the world had a negative impact on the continuity of supplies around the world. In this way, many branches of the economies of the States of…
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The best cryptocurrencies – rankings

New rating – the best cryptocurrencies 2020 and 2021 Curious about the best cryptocurrencies? You often ask us the question “what are the best cryptocurrencies?”. To answer to this question we present you the latest rankings of the best cryptocurrencies in 2019 and 2020. They are based on reports prepared by Center for Information Industry…
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What is Bitcoin?

What is Bitcoin? Looking for the answer to the question what is Bitcoin (BTC)? In the previous article we explained to you what cryptocurrency is. Today we will answer the question “what is Bitcoin?”. The shortest and easiest answer to this question – Bitcoin is simply the first encrypted electronic currency. The first information describing…
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What is cryptocurrency?

Wondering what a cryptocurrency is? Many of you have heard this concept but you really would like to understand what cryptocurrency is? Cryptocurrency is simply an encrypted electronic currency (also known as digital currency, cryptographic currency or virtual coin). Digital currencies are a distributed cryptographic system that stores information about the number of units of…
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The best, most popular and interesting cryptocurrencies

The best, most popular and interesting cryptocurrencies Which cryptocurrencies are the most interesting, the best or the most popular? Which cryptocurrencies are the most interesting, the best or the most popular?You made the decision to start investing in the cryptocurrency market. Would you like to know the opinion of others about which cryptocurrencies invest and…
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