Buying NEO

Buying NEO cryptocurrency

Are you wondering where to buy NEO?

NEO is a cryptocurrency of Chinese origin. The main assumption of the existence of the NEO cryptocurrency is the introduction of an intelligent economy that enables easy exchange of goods and data. Like other blockchain networks, it is typically distributed and decentralized. What makes this digital currency different? Unlike other cryptocurrencies, NEO allows you to conclude the so-called smart contracts. They can be used to store encrypted and distributed data about e.g. trading in shares, receivables or other contracts. The NEO cryptocurrency has been in the TOP 5 ranking of the world’s best cryptocurrencies for a long time.

Why is it worth considering buying NEO cryptocurrency?

The open development platform provides wide opportunities for the development of tools and applications cooperating with NEO. Another very important distinguishing feature of cryptocurrency is that it cannot be mined like other encrypted electronic currencies. And in addition, NEO producers for buying and storing on appropriate wallets reward regularly by granting another NEO-related electronic currency, i.e. GAS. In other words, buying NEO and storing it regularly gives us additional GAS units. The purchase of NEO cryptocurrency is possible thanks to the cryptocurrency exchange – BINANCE.

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Buying NEO

NEO purchase – other information

As a curiosity, we can reveal that our (creators of the portal interest was first aroused by the NEO cryptocurrency. However, problems with buying it immediately increased interest in buying other electronic currencies. During this time (as of November 2017), the price of the NEO has increased by almost 450% from $ 35-35 to almost $ 400. This encouraged us to create the website so that no one would miss an opportunity like us and that it would be faster and easier to buy the selected digital currency. In our opinion, NEO is currently one of the most interesting cryptocurrencies available in the world.

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Buying NEO

Where else can you buy the NEO cryptocurrency?

Bitcoin exchange and cryptocurrency exchange – Binance

Currently, the purchase of NEO cryptocurrency is possible on many different cryptocurrency exchanges. The following exchanges recorded the highest turnover recently:

CoinEgg, Binance (the world’s most popular cryptocurrency exchange), BitForex, Bitfinex, OKEx (one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges), LBank, BCEX, Qryptos, Coinsuper, DragonEX, Huobi, Exrates, Upbit, HitBTC (Bitcoin exchange)

Unfortunately, at this point, it is practically impossible to buy NEO for traditional currencies, but only for other cryptocurrencies, e.g. BTC or ETH. We hope this article was of help to you in the context of finding out how and where to buy NEO. It is worth noting that NEO has been in the top ten rankings of the best cryptocurrencies for several months. Also in the latest Chinese cryptocurrency ranking 2019.