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You start your adventure with the electronic currency market and need some tips on how to get started buying cryptocurrencies?

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You can buy around 1,000 different encrypted digital currencies on dozens of foreign and Polish cryptocurrency exchanges. Many of them are similar to each other in terms of application and technology (blockchain). However, many of these cryptocurrencies seem to have greater potential than others. Some have interesting and unique modern applications that can become small revolutions in some industries and take root in them for many years. On our site you can read tips on choosing and buying the best, most popular or the most interesting cryptocurrencies on the market. This will definitely help you reduce your search area and make your first investments easier.

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Bitcoin (BTC) is the world’s first cryptocurrency. Since its inception in 2008, its value has been growing steadily. It is increasingly used for payments by individuals and companies. Buying Bitcoin is possible on all cryptocurrency exchanges and Bitcoin exchanges. We will also present you with many interesting news and technological details and how the first digital currency works – Bitcoin!

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Ethereum (ETH) is one of the first cryptocurrencies. It was established in 2013 and is currently the second in terms of market valuation. Its network makes it possible to use other digital currencies. You can buy Ethereum on all Bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchanges. We answer the question where to buy Ethereum ?. 

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Ripple cryptocurrency (XRP) was established in 2012 so it is one of the first electronic currencies based on blockchain technology. It is faster and cheaper than Bitcoin, which is why it attracted the attention of the largest financial institutions. Due to Ripple’s popularity, virtually any cryptocurrency exchange can buy Ripple.

ripple (xrp)


Litecoin (LTC) was created in 2011 so is one of the oldest and best cryptocurrencies. Litecoin is characterized by being much faster than Bitcoin. It is sometimes called “digital silver”. You can buy Litecoin on most cryptocurrency exchanges. For GBP, euro or dollars, it is possible to buy Litecoin the european BitBay cryptocurrency exchange

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Purchase of NEO cryptocurrency

Neo is a cryptocurrency originating in China. It is the first encrypted electronic currency that was created in this country and was quickly hailed as “Chinese ethereum”. Unfortunately, it is only available on some Bitcoin exchanges, e.g. Binance, where you can buy NEO for other cryptocurrencies. Only the best cryptocurrency exchanges can buy this electronic currency.

Buying NEO

Lisk (LSK)

is currently one of the most popular and cryptocurrencies in Europe. It’s open programming platform attracts attention due to the ability to create your own applications. Purchase of Lisks for GBP is made possible by the european cryptocurrency exchange – BitBay. It is also available on numerous other Bitcoin and digital currencies exchanges. Some of them are regularly among the best cryptocurrencies. The rankings are published regularly on our website. Buying Lisks – more information on this topic

cryptocurrency lisk


is a relatively young cryptocurrency that was launched in July 2017. However, it quickly gained popularity thanks to which today its capitalization means that it is in the 5 largest, most interesting and best cryptocurrencies in the world. Buying EOS is possible, for example, with the Binance cryptocurrency exchange.

Buying EOS – additional information.

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Cardano exists since 2015, however, its capitalization places this cryptocurrency among the 10 largest in the world. This digital currency was created by experts from around the world including the academic staff of various universities. Unfortunately, it is possible to buy Cardano mainly on foreign e-commerce platforms. Cardano – more information.


Enjin is another cryptocurrency dedicated to use in video games. The gaming market is developing very dynamically and is very innovative, therefore encrypted digital currencies for players seem to be a great solution. Buying Enjin and buying cryptocurrencies with similar properties and capabilities is enabled by the foreign cryptocurrency exchange – Binance.

More information about this cryptocurrency and where to buy it can be found here – Buying Enjin

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Buying of other cryptocurrencies for traditional currencies, e.g. euros, pounds, or dollars.

On the market of global cryptocurrency exchanges there is also available the purchase of cryptocurrencies, which may not be among the largest or most popular but also noteworthy e.g.


Bitcoin Cash (BCH) was created in 2017 from the split of the Bitcoin source code. Despite its short operation, it is considered one of the most popular cryptocurrencies on the stock exchanges and its value is still growing. Available on most Bitcoin exchanges. Buying Bitcoin Cash for pounds, dollars or euro makes the most popular european cryptocurrency exchange – BitBay! Bitcoin Cash – additional information.

BUY Cryptocurrency DASH

Dash is a cryptocurrency considered to be one of the safest in terms of maintaining privacy and anonymity of users. The name comes from the combination of the words Digital and Cash or electronic money. It is possible to buy it on both Polish and foreign electronic currency exchanges. Purchase of Dash for GBP, dollars or euro is enabled by the european BitBay cryptocurrency exchange.

Summary – buying cryptocurrencies for euros, dollars or pounds (GBP)

At the beginning we recommend registering on the european digital currency exchange platform because it will be easier for each of you. Especially since Binance’s foreign electronic currency trading and trading platform allows you to buy cryptocurrencies only for other electronic currencies.

As you can see, we’ve selected 12 of the most interesting, most popular and considered by many as the best cryptocurrencies for you, the purchase of which you can consider at the beginning. Of course, many more are possible to buy cryptocurrencies … it is estimated that more than a thousand and more are coming into circulation.

However, a lot changed in June 2018 when Google blocked digital currency and stock exchange ads. This will probably decrease the supply of new currencies, which in turn will translate into an increase in the prices of cryptocurrencies that have been on the Polish and foreign stock exchanges. Many analysts say that buying cryptocurrencies in a few years will still be available … but at much higher prices than today.

Now you know where to buy cryptocurrencies!

We hope that in this article you have received all the necessary information where to buy cryptocurrencies in a light and accessible form. In our opinion, this is much simpler than it seems at first. Another question that you often ask about is where to buy cryptocurrencies for euros, dollars or pounds (GBP). We’ve also brought this to you. This is important because many exchanges offer buying cryptocurrencies only and other electronic currencies.
It should be remembered that buying cryptocurrencies is associated with a high risk, and on many platforms is done using special programs called. bots that trade independently without the participation of a man who only records the conditions on which the purchase and sale transactions of encrypted electronic currencies are to take place. Often, cryptocurrency purchase transactions also take place via mobile applications, so it’s worth checking if the platform we choose has just such a mobile application for trading.

As you can see, buying cryptocurrencies is not as difficult as it seems at the beginning. Now you can choose the most interesting, most popular or best cryptocurrencies in your opinion.