2020 Cryptocurrency Highlights

2020 Cryptocurrency Highlights

2020 Cryptocurrency Highlights

The most important events in the world of cryptocurrencies in 2020

For some industries, 2020 has been a stagnant year, but the cryptocurrency world is not slowing down! Which cryptocurrencies were the strongest last year? Which projects developed the fastest? What new solutions have appeared on the market? We summarize the most important events on the cryptocurrency exchange in 2020.

2020 – what were the most important cryptocurrency events?

2020 was a breakthrough for Bitcoin. Eventually, not only individual investors, but also institutional investors began to be interested in it. His market position has definitely soared. The same applies to the price, although at the beginning of the year nothing indicated such an increase. In January, Bitcoin was worth just over USD 10,000, then its price slowly increased, and in March there was a decline, after which the value was less than USD 5,000. Bitcoin, however, quickly began to rebound and in December 2020 it surprised investors, breaking the price of USD 20,000, and in the next month it was worth up to 30,000 more!

Ether also recorded an impressive growth on the cryptocurrency exchange – by over 850% throughout the year. It was related to the development of the Ethereum platform. Version 2.0 will allow for better network scaling and will enable faster and more efficient handling of even more transactions. Ultimately, Ethereum 2.0 is to process around 9,000 transactions per second.

ADA grew by over 500%, and XEM by exactly 307%. Unfortunately, 2020 was a tragic year for Ripple Labs, which is responsible for XRP. The company was sued by the American Securities and Exchange Commission, the cryptocurrency was withdrawn from the most popular exchanges, and its value fell to 20 cents.

The most interesting projects and the most interesting events of 2020!

The Brave web browser based on blockchain technology was very popular. The new browser has been downloaded over 20 million times! Importantly, Brave allows you to earn tokens, thanks to which users can support web creators, as well as download special content. Steve Wozniak and his company Efforce also caused quite a stir. The WOZX they propose recorded sales in just 13 minutes at the level of USD 950 million, i.e. over PLN 3.5 billion!

Cryptocurrencies have also started to appear more and more in everyday life. From 2020, assets can be bought, stored and sold using PayPal. Peninsula Visa, a U.S. passporting company, has allowed bitcoin payments, the Central Bank of the Bahamas has created a cryptographic version of the Bahamian dollar, and a digital yuan has been piloted in China.

The musician Akon’s project also echoed loudly. It has its own coin – Akoin. There would be nothing so strange about it, if it were not for the fact that in January 2020 the artist got permission to create a whole city based on Akoins. Akon City will be built in Senegal, near Dakar, and construction is expected to be completed by 2025 at the latest. According to the originator, the project is to help residents to become independent from the government.

These few interesting and most important cryptocurrency events have been widely echoed around the world. What will 2021 bring us? Certainly a lot intresting things. Thanks a lot for content for gielda-kryptowaluty.pl website which is providing lots of interesting informations about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencie


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